50 Cent Suggests Rick Ross And Diddy Are Gay On Instagram, Promptly Deletes Pic

50 Cent recently suggested that Rick Ross and Diddy are currently involved in a gay relationship in a post on Instagram. However, the rapper promptly removed the pic shortly after it started making the rounds online.

The Escape Plan star apparently isn't afraid to stir the proverbial pot on social media. In addition to posting a photo that appears to show Diddy and Ross getting ready to lock lips, he also included an image of the rap mogul posing for the camera with former record executive Steve Stoute while wearing a pink shirt.

I ain't saying nothing, but something ain't right," 50 Cent captioned the pic.

According to TMZ, the rapper yanked the Instagram post not too long after he shared it with his fans and followers. Although the original pic is long gone, the image in question lives on thanks to folks who had the foresight to get a screencap.

Fans of 50 Cent know that the rapper-turned-actor doesn't have a very high opinion of Diddy, Rick Ross, or Steve Stoute. The Hollywood Gossip reports that Stoute recently appeared in a VH1 documentary where he referred to 50 Cent as a "has-been." This may have something to do with their confrontation at a recent New York Knicks game.

Check out some photos of their argument at Madison Square Garden below.

So what do Diddy, Steve Stoute, and Rick Ross think about 50 Cent's recent Instagram diss? Although Stoute and Diddy haven't officially addressed the matter as of this writing, apparently Ross doesn't think the post deserves a response.

In a statement obtained by the folks at TMZ, Rick Ross feels 50 Cent is completely irrelevant. As such, he doesn't plan to issue a statement about the rapper's diss in any official capacity. In short: You probably shouldn't bother him about it anytime soon.

What do you think about the image that 50 Cent posted on Instagram? Do you think the rapper was just trying to stir up trouble by suggesting the guys are secretly gay?