San Jose Teen Allegedly Claims Satanism Allowed Him To Kill Classmate

A San Jose teen allegedly told detectives that he had planned to kill one of his high school classmates and said that it was endorsed by his religion, Satanism. According to the San Jose Mercury News, the teen, Jae Williams, was charged in the alleged thrill-killing of classmate, Michael Russell in 2009.

Reports state that Williams and a second teen, Randy Thompson, are now going to be tried as adults in the fatal stabbing that took place some four and a half years ago. Williams and Thompson are reportedly going to be tried separately for the murder, which both boys, now 20, have pleaded not guilty. According to the Los Angeles Times, both boys could face life sentences if convicted.

Authorities have said that Williams and Thomson lured Russell, 15 at the time of his death, to their backyard and beat him for roughly six minutes. “When they couldn’t find a pulse, prosecutors say the teens slit Russell’s throat.”

According to transcripts which were reported by the San Jose Mercury News, Williams allegedly told police detectives that his religion, Satanism, allowed him to kill. He even admit that killing Russell wasn’t the first experience he had, admitting that he had killed a rabbit and cat before killing the 15-year-old boy according to NBC Bay Area.

“I guess I just finally wanted to kill somebody,” Williams told San Jose police detectives two days after the November 2009 slaying of Russell according to the transcript. “I had my chance and I took it.”

The two boys reportedly had been looking for an opportunity to kill Russell up to six weeks prior to the actual murder. The two even had gone as far as making up two alibis according to the transcript. On the day of the murder, November 10, 2009, both Williams and Thompson allegedly went over to Russell’s home asking him if he wanted to smoke some marijuana with them.

When the boy went into the shed for a lighter, Williams and Thompson allegedly attacked the boy, beating him for what Williams says was six minutes before he took a knife and slit Russell’s throat. Police say Russell was fatally stabbed with a switch blade and kitchen knife. His uncle reportedly found the boy’s body in the backyard later that night.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, a judge ruled at the end of preliminary hearing in 2010 that there was sufficient evidence to hold both teens over for trial, but continuances have delayed the case. Williams is reportedly set to stand trial first at the end of March.

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