Justin Bieber Declares Selena Gomez ‘Most Elegant Princess In The World,’ She Says Nada

Justin Bieber’s love life may resemble a revolving door of late, but it’s always Selena Gomez he returns to.

In fact, the just turned 20-year-old has got it so bad he posted a Red Carpet photograph of his ex-girlfriend attending Sunday’s Vanity Fair Oscar after party in West Hollywood to his Instagram, even before he got out of bed this morning.

The unrequited pop prince captioned the Instagram, “Most elegant princess in the world” and sent it winging across his newly acquired 50 million bite of the Internet.

Since Bieber’s Instagram post, it’s drawn over 747K “Likes.” It’s even speculated it may have caused an outage on the platform earlier.

But will Justin’s declaration of appreciation have any effect at all on Selena — who, it has to be said — looked devastating last night?

Gomez wore a gold-metallic, intricately-beaded halter neck Emilio Pucci gown over a short tunic, her look completed by a tidy cascade of shiny, brunette locks.

The 21-year-old reportedly hung out with Spring Breakers co-star and pal Vanessa Hudgens for most of the evening.

Justin Bieber Declares Selena Gomez The Most Elegant Princess In The World

(Photo: Bieber via Instagram)

Somewhat poignantly, the Oscars Vanity Fair After Party was where Bieber and Gomez first went public as a couple in 2011.

Three years later he’s facing court dates and the possible release of jailhouse videos, and she’s UNICEF’s latest Young Humanitarian award recipient.

Not exactly the same circles. And so far, there hasn’t been a heartwarming response on the Rudderless actress’ Instagram account to Justin’s openly, flirty gambit.

Will Selena leave Justin hanging in front of millions? Not even a distant, polite “thanks”?

And is the fact that he is attempting to communicate with her via Instagram a sure sign she is icing him again?

Without knowing if they are talking at the moment, most observers seem to be of the opinion that too much has happened for there to ever be a hope of romance again.

“Jelena” watchers know how changeable the pair are. First dating in 2010, then that break up in November 2012.

The former couple tried to stay friends and even hooked up during Bieber’s Believe tour in April 2103. Numerous intimate Instagrams followed.

But by the mid-December — possibly over Justin’s rumored sexual exploits on his Central and South America tour legs — the twosome had stopped speaking.

Bieber confirmed this was the state of play in a December 17 interview with Power 106 Radio’s DJ Big Boy’s “Neighborhood” morning show.

Fast forward to January 2014.

Selena and Justin were spotted rising Segways around his Calabasas neighborhood, setting off an immediate media frenzy.

Two days later Selena popped up gazing lovingly — perhaps maternally — at Bieber, in an instagram he captioned, “Love the way you look at me.”

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber

(Photo: Instagram)

A day later Gomez was packed off to Arizona’s Dawn at The Meadows recovery center on January 5, which her rep later said the starlet checked into voluntarily “but not for substance abuse.”

A Gomez-camp source later spoke to E! News, which resulted in no less than three same day stories insisting she hotfooted it to Dawn to “learn tools on how to deal with Justin and letting go of that relationship.”

Somehow this was achieved in the 14 days Selena spent in her holiday-length rehab stay.

Meanwhile, TMZ, Radar online, National Enquirer, Pop Dust and other outlets reported she went into rehab for an alleged addiction to alcohol, Molly, Ambien (also known as Zolpidem) and Bieber — with absolutely no attributable sources.

Continuing that trend, Life & Style a tabloid magazine — recently claimed that at one time Selena believed Bieber might have given her a sexually transmitted disease.

“Selena has had issues with anxiety for a while,” a generic sounding insider purportedly tells the magazine, although it defies belief that any insider close to Gomez would contribute to a story attaching her to a venereal complaint.

“And she’s still dealing with them,” the source apparently adds. “It started when Justin was cheating on her. One big breaking point was that she thought he gave her an STD and got tested.”

Life and Style’s claim, ponied up with just one, unnamed source and not a single date along the three year Bieber-Gomez relationship timeline as to when Selena supposedly had this alleged, horrible revelation.

Such is the inane nature of nature of the entertainment news cycle on Bieber and Gomez — Radar Online’s running of fake texts, never did get to see those so-called graphic photos did we? — it’s unlikely Selena wants to jump back into that mess, which is what would happen if she responded to Bieber publicly.

At any rate, Selena’s UK dash to see One Direction’s Niall Horan on Valentine’s Day while Bieber reportedly entertained Jordan Ozuna – a former Hooters waitress – seems as clear a statement as any that Gomez has finally moved on.

Billing Selena as “The Most Elegant Princess In The World” is a nice compliment, but also suggests someone unobtainable.

If this is truly how Bieber sees Gomez, the face he pulled after posting his Instagram seems perfectly understandable.

Good morning, god loves you pic.twitter.com/Q4GaHOu5P0

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) March 3, 2014