'Batman: Arkham 4' May Get Main Villain From 'Arkham City'

Batman: Arkham 4 may be on its way, and it could be taking its villain from the renowned Batman: Arkham City. As much as Batman: Arkham Origins tried to take the series a step further, the critics in the end basically called it more of the same, but from this we know one fact.

Warner Bros Games Montreal gave us a game that fit the series built by Rocksteady.

With the villain of the first three games dead (as far as we know), the developers of the Batman Arkham series knew they would need to come up with somebody new as the main villain for Batman Arkham 4. The first indication of a change in villain hierarchy was hinted on Warner Bros' Facebook page Batman: Hush. The caption below the image of a man whose head was covered in bandages stated:

"Remember a little appearance by somebody in Arkham City? Well things may be [about] to get more interesting next month..."
This came after a later deleted comment from a Dutch journalist announcing the game would be revealed sometime this month. Said journalist may have been expecting Rocksteady's next game to be the next Batman, despite Origins having been done by Warner Bros Games Montreal.

For those who've beaten Batman: Arkham City, we know that we saw the deaths of two villains in that game, one of which has been in every game so far. Origins got away with using the Joker because they'd gone back in time, but it seems the fourth game is moving forward again, and Warner Bros Games may be letting the dead stay dead.

One of the side quests from Arkham City involved a man known as the "identity thief," and that's likely where this new villain is coming from.

Thomas Elliott was once Bruce Wayne's childhood friend who became a renowned surgeon. Thomas tried to kill his mother, but Bruce Wayne's father stopped him, and now Elliot has vowed revenge against Bruce. He ended the second game having stolen Bruce Wayne's identity, and the last we heard of him was Batman mentioning he'll "go after him tomorrow."

This could have been the setup two games before the Batman: Arkham 4 release date. We don't know anything more about the rumors of the game's main villain, and there might not be anything confirmed until April.

'Batman: Arkham City' could be where the next game is getting its main villain
'Batman: Arkham City' could be where the next game is getting its main villain

If Hush does end up being the next game's main villain, we can only assume that Batman: Arkham 4 will begin with Bruce Wayne a wanted (and framed) murderer and Batman looking for Hush and attempting to clear his name.

What do you think will be the story behind Batman: Arkham 4? Could Hush be the new focus in a direct sequel to Batman: Arkham City?