Windows XP Updates, Support Ending Soon

Windows XP updates and support are about to end, and Microsoft is set to use pop-up messages to alert you. With Windows 8 already the chosen release operating system for many home computing devices, Microsoft is getting ready to take the proverbial ax to a system which has been around for over a decade.

Windows XP users will start getting pop-up notifications on April 8 of this year, and the eighth of every month afterward, reminding them that Windows XP updates and support are no longer available after that date.

When most of us think of pop-ups, we think of those annoying ads that get in the way and distract us until we install a browser plugin to stop them. These notifications will most likely be more like what later Windows OS users see when we run a program as an administrator. A small window pops up asking if we want to grant the program access, and that’s probably what Windows XP users will encounter soon if they don’t upgrade.

Older PC users can’t say they weren’t warned. We at The Inquisitr reported last year that Microsoft intended to end support around this time. Microsoft had reported even as early as 2012 that Windows XP costs them several times as much to support as Windows 7, and with a new CEO in charge, they are ready to cut costs wherever they need to.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to switch to a newer computer. Microsoft has you covered with its free transfer tool releasing later this week, which will allow you to bring all of your files, settings, and more from Windows XP and import them into Windows 7 or newer. We would suggest doing a scan of the original system using ComboFix in Safe Mode first, just to make sure you’re not transferring a trojan horse or adware.

You can also opt out of seeing those pop-up alerts by clicking on the box that says “Don’t show this message again.” Sadly, this won’t stop malware hackers from finding ways into your system and messing with things after Microsoft stops offering Windows XP updates and support as a barrier. If you want to stay relatively secure, you will need to upgrade, because the bad hackers don’t need a reason to start stealing your personal info and overloading you with malware. They do it because they can.

You can either upgrade to Windows 7 or newer or take your chances with the online hackers, but on April 8 it’s time to make a choice. Windows XP updates and support will soon be gone.

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