Airport Security Confiscates Miniature Gun From 'Toy Story' Woody Doll

Airport security in the United Kingdom confiscated a miniature toy gun from a "Woody" Toy Story character doll. The Heathrow airport staffers would not allow the man to take the doll onto the plane as long as the miniscule little plastic gun was still attached to the doll's fabric holster.

The understandably puzzled father, John Hazen, snapped a picture of the airport security officer removing the toy gun from the Woody doll after a thorough examination of the Toy Story plaything. The story went viral after the photo was posted to Reddit. The incident actually happened last November, but it was not until this week that the incident garnered worldwide prominence. Apparently the airport security staffers thought Woody might yell his signature, "Reach for the sky" line while flying.

toy guns

The father had this to say to website users:

"I have traveled the world with the Toy Story's Woody, taking pics for my son. At Heathrow, security just confiscated his 'weapon' keep the world safe boys. [The] guy didn't notice me taking the pic", he said. He was actually quite nice [and] tried to see if they would override the rule … but in the end he had to take the gun. I brought him through Heathrow and never had a problem. I've taken him to New Zealand, Montreal, Barcelona, at least 30 cities."
According to the traveling dad, the Heathrow airport incident was the first time he had ever had troubling boarding with the Toy Story Woody doll – miniature plastic toy gun intact. A Department of Transport representative from the United Kingdom airport refused to comment directly about the toy gun removal incident. The staffer told reporters that the department does not give details specific to either an individual incident of the airport's security regime. "Airports and airlines can use their discretion to remove any item being carried in hand luggage when they believe it may be perceived as a threat," the transportation official added.

According to the Daily Mail, the Woody doll is not normally sold with a gun in the holster. The gun stored inside this particular doll's holster came from an inexpensive novelty keychain. Hazen told Fox News that that the ordeal began when, "The guy [Heathrow airport security agent] said 'we have a serious problem with your bag. There's a metal shape object in your bag that looks like a gun." Just a few hours later when Hazen landed in California with Woody he was met with a multitude of comments about his post from friends and online posters, most criticized the Heathrow agents or outright mocked the scenario.

Hazen's son Dylan, 7, loves to see the scenes his dad creates with Woody and is a huge fan of Disney and Toy Story. The boy hopes to become an "imagineer" when he grows up.

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