Kid Cudi: Drops New Album 'Satellite Flight' Unexpectedly

Kid Cudi pulls a Beyonce by releasing his new album unexpectedly. Cudi's new album called Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon was released at midnight. Kid Cudi began dropping hints on twitter late Monday, one of his tweets were: "Tickets to Copernicus Landing will be available for purchase via Itunes in the next 2 hours." and "Time to make the world stand still."

Beyonce started the trend when she released her latest album by surprise at the end of 2013. The only difference is that Kid Cudi dropped a couple of hints about the albums release.

Cudi had been preparing his Satellite Flight album since his last tour in support of last year's Indicud. Cudi announced then that Satellite Flight would be a prelude to his third installment of the "Man Of The Moon" series. The Satellite Flight album consists of ten songs. This album is suppose to continue where Indicud left off, and it's supposed to lead to Man Of The Moon III when it releases in 2015. Kid Cudi tells MTV:

"It's like a TV show that ends with that Cliffhanger. The albums end that way, where you get that one song and before you know it, the song is over and the album is over, but there's a to be continued…There's more to the story." He also says:

"I kinda went director on this project, I had the idea for the first and second Man On The Moon albums with the whole five acts split. Man Of The Moon III will go back to that whole breakdown, and this comes back to that tradition, with acts, and everything being seamlessly in order."

Kid Cudi is considered one of the "chillest" rappers in the industry. Cudi hit the big time with his debut single "Day N' Night" in 2008. His career really took off when he moved to Brooklyn to join the Fool's Gold Label. After that Cudi became more famous, and even got the attention of Rolling Stone, and they included him in the magazine's Top Five Best Indie Hip Hop Artist of 2008. Soon after he released his first album Man Of The Moon: The End of Day in the summer of 2009. A year later he came back with the sequel to that album Man Of The Moon, Vol.2 The Legend of Mr. Rager in 2012. Soon after Indicud arrived, and today he releases Satellite Flight.

Kid Cudi has even worked with big artists like Justin Bieber. Kid Cudi has definitely planned his career out, and it doesn't seem like he will be slowing down anytime soon.