'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Talks Grieving Over Series End

Although Aaron Paul said goodbye to Breaking Bad officially over the summer, that doesn't mean he's exactly over the series or his character Jesse Pinkman. Even though he has admitted he's adjusted, there still seems to be some lingering feelings for the AMC hit show.

Aaron Paul sat down for a chat with HitFix to talk about how he feels moving on from the Breaking Bad series to bigger projects like his upcoming blockbuster film Need For Speed:

"I think I finally have adjusted fully because I've just done a few projects since. I started this film the day after I wrapped Breaking Bad. I'm happy that we were able to finish telling the story that Vince Gilligan wanted to tell, and I'm very proud of it. It was hard saying goodbye but I've been saying goodbye for awhile now."
Paul might have to say goodbye one more time, as it's expected that his character Jesse Pinkman will be reprised for the spin off series Better Call Saul. The series which is being headed up by Vince GIlligan about Jesse and Walt's sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, has officially been greenlit by the network.

That said, there's already been discussion over what characters will be able to come back into the new world. Seeing as this is a prequel series, Pinkman will still be the lovable goof we knew him as in the earlier seasons and less of a dark character that he became in the later years in the Breaking Bad show.

Back in January Aaron Paul said that he was open to the possibility of reprising the role for the Breaking Bad spin off series:

"I'd better be in 'Better Call Saul.' I hope so. I've definitely thrown my name in the hat. That's what's so great about 'Better Call Saul' — it's a prequel, so all the characters that had died in the past seasons can come back to life."
As for other characters returning, while there's no word on Walt, Jonathan Banks' character Mike, who saw his demise in the last season, has risen from the dead and cast as a series regular on the show.

Banks' character Mike is a private investigator for Saul Goodman. Starting out as a Philadelphia police officer, Mike constantly battled morality issues as he did Saul's bidding. Mike was also head of security for the popular fictional chain restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos, which was run by drug kingpin Gus Fring.

Would you like to see another scene with Aaron Paul and Jonathan Banks in the Breaking Bad spin off?