John Cena Knee Injury: Is It Real?

WWE's Wrestlemania 30 preparation appeared to be have been hampered even further on February 24's edition of Raw, after John Cena looked to have severely injured his knee.

The injury seemed to occur after Erick Rowan awkwardly landed on Cena's left knee. The Wyatt family had originally come down to the ring to accost Cena as he gave a promo.

Cena was then seen talking to a ringside medic, before he struggled around the ring while clutching his apparently beleaguered knee. The altercation was also slowed down by several strange long pauses as Cena tried to walk off the pain alongside the ring's apron.

The WWE star was later seen being carried backstage on a stretcher. WWE Network's Raw Backstage Pass even reported on the incident and alleged that Cena was struggling immensely because of the mishap.

However, James Caldwell of PWTorch has since insisted that Cena is still 100% healthy and that he wasn't injured in the slightest during the incident. He then stated that this "knee injury" will eventually culminate in Cena going toe-to-toe with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 30.

Multiple sources have informed Caldwell that Cena simply played up the injury, even though the post-Raw show claimed that he'd "felt his knee shift or give out."

According to the Examiner, a picture of Cena's severely swollen knee has now been passed around the Internet and the WWE have even reported that he will undergo an MRI scan soon, too.

Preparation for Wrestlemania XXX has previously been hindered by the confusion over CM Punk's WWE future. The Chicago native allegedly abruptly left the company just last month, but WWE have insisted that Punk is still contracted to them. However, he hasn't been seen on one of their programs in weeks.

According to Cageside Seats, this has lead them to re-evaluate the roster for the pay-per-view:

"We mentioned before that WWE officials felt as though their carefully crafted WrestleMania plans had gone "off the rails" with Batista's return falling flat, CM Punk walking out, and Daniel Bryan getting a far stronger fan reaction than anticipated. So what is their solution? Well, more part timers of course. It is said that it was already in the plans for Rob Van Dam to return in time for a match at WrestleMania, and now McMahon wants Chris Jericho back as well. The idea currently on the table is for RVD and Jericho to feud with each other as they build towards a WrestleMania match."