2015 Mini Cooper S With Five Doors Caught On Camera [Photos]

A Mini Cooper S with five doors, supposedly the 2015 model, was caught on camera cruising the streets recently. BMW recently released their third generation of the classic British car, showing a desire to get back to a more classic style. There is an eye on the future for the Mini, as reports about a more focused line of cars by 2020 have been coming in.

A five door Mini Cooper is not unheard of, it has been done before in the countryman. What stands out about this version caught on camera by World Car Fans, is the roomier look. It appears to truly be built for the family.

Sporting the same look as the recently unveiled 2015 Mini Cooper S, the five door model adds the two rear doors and a hatchback. Looking closely, it can be seen to have shorter front doors as well to make room for the rear. From a design perspective, almost nothing is changing other than the car being made a slight bit taller and the wheel base being widened.

The exhaust pipe in the center on the back of the Cooper gives it away as part of the S series. The base model features a 3-cylinder 1.5 litre engine, producing 134HP and a peak torque of 162 pound-feet (169 with overboost), while the higher-end model sports a 4-cylinder 2-litre engine producing 189 HP and 206 pound-feet torque (221 with overboost). Transmission comes in six-speed manual and automatic options.

Since redesigning and marketing the Mini Cooper in 2001, BMW has worked hard to bring the image of fun and elegant to the car. It seems the 2015 model may be about adding some practicality. Over the last 13 years, the cars produced have been all over the place. It is almost as if consumers have been watching the Mini grow up before their eyes. Some market analysts believe it is time for the now German built car to take the next step and define their models.

Recently, BMW featured a Mini that had everyone talking. The 2015 Mini John Cooper Works was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show and it was definitely turning heads. A five door model can have the same effect, but not in the same way. Really, the question is, who would be interested? It seems that it would be hard to shake the speedy, fun, and cute image the car has gotten over the years.

But from the photographs, it looks like BMW is all ready to roll out a 2015 Mini Cooper S five door.