Captain America Trailer Teases Huge Nick Fury Spoiler

Marvel’s Captain America has made quite the impact since his first movie, “Captain America: The First Avenger” a couple years ago. The leader of the Avengers then made a few more appearances, only to further move love up for him. The highly anticipated continuance in the story of Cap, “Captain America: The Winter Solider” could have already had a major spoiler before it even hit theaters.

Obviously when your friend goes to see a movie and gives it away, it sucks. The thing is though, it was in a theater and you knew that could happen if you didn’t go see the movie. The issue is, a spoiler was already made in the latest trailer for the movie. It concerns Nick Fury, the SHIELD leader.

The trailer opens with footage we’ve already seen in previous trailers of the Winter Soldier attacking a car. It happened to be containing Nick Fury. Then the voice of Cap comes up saying, “Fury’s last words were not to trust anyone.”

Oh okay, well we need to see what Cap will do to….wait did he just say LAST WORDS?!?

Excuse me, let’s rewind that. Yes, indeed the words were spoken. Did Fury die? It seems if “last words” are being used here, I’d assume as much. However, Nick Fury is not some slouch in the world of espionage. He is THE spy, honestly. In the comic book world, Fury has been known to fake his death, and do it very well.

Whether he did here or not is uncertain, as I have not been given special tickets to see the movie early. The thing is, just knowing the Fury character, it’s obvious that nothing is set in stone with him. While Fury is getting older and may be considering a retirement in the future, we all know that he is a massive part of the Marvel Universe.

That means that there is no possible way Fury is going anywhere any time soon. Just going off of Agent Coolson theory alone, death isn’t exactly a stoppage to the play of the Marvel franchise. They brought back a beloved character, and with Fury being as big as he is, it’s highly unlikely he will be taken out.

It seems a bit to obvious in some cases. I mean, why alert us now in the middle of a trailer? It’s not even an Avengers movie, which is another clue that it’s not as real as it seems.

While the whole thought of losing a beloved character might be crazy to some, I assume Marvel would not do such an action. Fury might be back at the end to save the day for all we know. This is truly a Captain America movie though, not a SHIELD or Avengers flick. So a lot of focus has to be put on Cap more so, and no one else. This could be a way of them doing this. Remove a main character as soon as possible, then have Cap save the day.

There is already a lot of hype surrounding The Winter Solider. That being said, focus on anyone else other than Captain America would hurt the film. So I have no problem with them “killing off” Nick Fury if it means the movie will be better. We all know he will be back.

You can check out the trailer and judge for yourself below: