Is Big Time Rush Breaking Up? Kendall Schmidt Eases Your Mind

Big Time Rush is the latest group to face breakup rumors on the internet.

Since it’s easy to get everyone all twisted up thanks to social media, every once in a while bands stumble across news that they’re careers are on the rocks. The Inquisitr previously reported that One Direction recently had to contend with similar rumors, though Liam Payne and Harry Styles have assured fans that everything is a-okay.

Big Time Rush singer Kendall Schmidt was recently forced to address reports that the group was breaking up. Despite what your friends, family, and social media contacts told you, the band has no intention of saying goodbye to their supporters right now.

Although Big Time Rush is currently on-tour, this didn’t stop these nasty rumors from making the rounds. Since Schmidt hates when false stories pop up online, he wants everyone to take a breath and settle down.

“Every once in a while I see people tweeting how they are upset that Big Time Rush is breaking up. Simply not true! Relax,” he recently tweeted.

Whoever started the rumor that Big Time Rush are bidding farewell to the world really irritated quite a few folks on Twitter. In addition to causing people to needlessly worry about the group’s fate, the culprits managed to enrage fans who are extremely tired of dealing with unsubstantiated rumors. Check out some reactions below.

Let’s sum everything up: Big Time Rush isn’t breaking up. If Kendall Schmidt is telling you to relax, then chances are everything is just fine. It’s always best to take the stuff you read on social media with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to celebrity-related rumors.