Game Of Thrones Kit Harington Battles Addiction — To Facebook

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington, better known to the show’s devoted fans as Jon Snow, may be spying on your Facebook profile.

Well, not anymore, he says. But at some point in the past, who knows? He formerly spent untold hours lurking on the Facebook profiles of people he didn’t even know. Yes, the Game of Thrones favorite — who has somehow managed to make it through three seasons alive and more or less unharmed — recently confessed that he struggles with Facebook addiction.

“It takes a lot of self control not to go on the internet and go to Facebook and look at nothing,” the Game of Thrones star said in a recent interview. “I did it for years, and then I just cut it. It was just a way for me to look at crap people put on that I don’t even know anymore.”

The Worcestershire, England native will once again be visible to fans as Jon Snow on April 6 when Game of Thrones makes its season four premiere on HBO. But he was on a tour of the United States last week to plug another project. He made his big screen debut as the lead of a big budget disaster movie, Pompeii, which opened Friday.

While the film’s box office performance — with a projected $10 million opening weekend gross despite a reported $100 million budget — proves that Kit Harington has a long way to go as bankable movie star, the love that Game of Thrones fans have for him remains undiminished.

Just don’t try to contact him on Facebook.

“I felt I was wasting an hour a day of my life on something that wasn’t getting me anywhere. It’s not like I was using it for publicity,” he said, announcing that he has totally disconnected from the ubiquitous social media platform. “For a while I had this weird urge to go onto it every time I picked up my phone. But that went. Now I don’t miss it.”

Harington also said that he does not use the other leading social media outlet, Twitter, because he feels that if he gives fans too much information on the “real” Kit Harington, they’ll become more interested in him and less in Jon Snow.

“I’m a big believer of people not getting to know my personal life. Even when I meet people in the street, I feel like I am ruining Jon Snow for them,” he said about his Game of Thrones character.