Britney Spears Debuts Red Hair, Twitter Takes Notice

Every time Britney Spears decides to change her hair color, the internet decides to share its opinion. Not surprisingly, her recent adventure didn’t go unnoticed by folks on Twitter.

It seems like only yesterday that The Inquisitr was sharing details about the singer’s foray into the world of brown hair. Since Spears seems more than a little eager to change things up these days, she didn’t settle with that color for very long. Now she’s a redhead, though who knows how long this will last.

Instead of debuting the new look on Twitter, Britney Spears showed off the dye job during recent a performance at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Since people are making a big deal about the singer lip synching during her residency in Sin City, there’s a chance she’s just trying to draw attention away from her mouth. Of course, this is pure speculation on our part.

Have a look at Britney Spears and her new hair below.

@britneyspears Love the red hair! Hey @rodryanshow #WouldYa?

— Jason (@jasonchris27) February 22, 2014

Now that you’ve had a second to process the new look, the question remains: Does Britney Spears look good as a redhead? While there are more pressing matters to discuss in the world these days, this hasn’t stopped a fair number of people from addressing the situation on Twitter.

Curious to see what others think about the dye job? Take a look at some brutally honest 140-character reactions below.

I like Britney with red hair. Actually, like Heidi Klum, she can handle a lot of colors. That's rare

— Mrs Archibald Bass (@NJTversky) February 21, 2014

Judging from the posts we managed to wrangle together from Twitter, it would appear that most people think the singer looks pretty snazzy as a redhead. What do you think about Britney Spears and her new look? Should she keep the red hair for a while?