Katy Perry Booed At Moschino Fashion Show

Katy Perry isn’t having the best week. While at a fashion show the “Dark Horse” singer recently received reception that has been the complete opposite of her Billboard charting success. Perry, who attended a Moschino fashion show during Milan’s Fashion Week had to endure a bit of vocal criticism as she walked the runway in fashion designer’s Jeremy Scott’s collection.

Perry got off on the wrong foot with the fashion show crowd due to a miscommunication at the show’s starting time. Perry, who was scheduled to start at 8 pm on Corso Venezia, arrived at 8:55 pm. Another pop star, Rita Ora, showed up to the fashion show fifteen minutes before Katy Perry at 8:40 p.m. and seemed to go unscathed.

According to a source close to the event, the photographers at the fashion show weren’t pleased that Katy was late and started to get “impatient” while waiting. When Perry finally made it on stage, the photographers immediately started to boo the “Roar” singer. Perry, who heard the boos, was obviously not pleased with the reception. After pursing her lips, she told the photographers to “shut up” and that they would “get their photos.”

An insider told US Weekly that the time snafu might have been the signer’s fault. An insider claimed, “that was the time she was told to come,” and the incident wasn’t anything more than “just getting around the hustle and bustle of fashion week.”

Although Perry seemed to be “upset” and “shaken up” during her walk on the Moschino fashion show runway, her presence didn’t go unappreciated by designer Jeremy Scott, who Perry was supporting by modeling his new designs.

Jeremy Scott tweeted at Katy Perry and pop star Rita Ora for helping him kick off his new work for the Moschino show. After the show he tweeted:

Unfortunately Katy Perry couldn’t seem to shake the haters off. As she arrived to Los Angeles’ airport LAX, the paparazzi proceeded to boo her as she walked to her car, mocking the runway fashion show, and the singer for being covered up and refusing to answer left field questions. One of the questions asked, or in this case shouted, at Perry, is if the pop singer had acne of all things. Perry’s assistant, Tamra Natisin, presumably fed up with the situation got confrontational by shoving a paparazzo after his rude behavior.

Hopefully Katy Perry will have a better week while in Los Angeles.