'True Detective' Season 2 Getting Interesting Pairing Predictions From Twitter

True Detective has become such a popular and critically acclaimed show that people are talking about season 2 even before there is any commitment that season 2 exists. The combo of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey has set the social networking sites aflame with talk about what the next combination of stars might be come 2015.

The incredibly popular HBO show is unique in that the two stars of this first season will only be on this first season, even if the series goes on. Should there be a continuation of the show, it will be a completely different story line with completely different actors. The way that True Detective handles the casting, many believe there will be two new police detectives who are going to have to crack a new case.

While some of the pairings that were offered up on Twitter, using the hash-tag #truedetectiveseason2 have been honest guesses at the kind of actors who might be good enough to take the mantle over. Because Twitter and social media in general are rarely able to stay serious for long, there are now a few hilarious guesses that are anything other than serious.

Of some of the best duos said to be taking over for Harrelson and McConaughey are the Olson Twins. There is something to be said for the pair, since it has been pointed out they have indeed played detectives in their careers before. Others have followed suit with even more off the wall and giggle inducing suggestions.

It turns out, some people don't even think the stars of True Detective season 2 need to actually be living creatures.Some of the offerings were made in jest but could also actually be an interesting combination, even if its likely never to happen, such as Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.There is little doubt the Twitterverse has taken this thing and run with it in a ridiculous direction, but there is something interesting in the popularity of the trend. Certainly the explosion means there are thousands of people who are following the series religiously enough that they want to talk about it however they can.

That bodes well for a series that has indeed not gotten a commitment from the network that airs it. True Detective will likely be back next season and there is quite a bit of excitement to see who might be starring.