Cristiano Ronaldo Suspension Stands For Real Madrid Vs Elche

Even though manager Carlo Ancelotti had expressed confidence that the ban against his main star Cristiano Ronaldo would be lifted for Real Madrid’s game against Elche it is not so and the team will have to do without its star for one last time.

The suspension of the striker came at the Real Madrid 1-1 draw with Athletic Bilbao when he put a hand to the face of Ander Iturraspe after the Athletic player appeared to head-butt him.

Cristiano Ronaldo then made a gesture that is known to imply “You’ve got a lot of nerve” after the referee showed him the red for which he received the additional three-game suspension.

Many believe this was all about nothing including Ronaldo and Ancelotti, who believed the Athletic player overexaggerated and the striker didn’t deserve such a harsh ban.

On Friday Ancelotti had expressed his optimism that Real Madrid would have its star for the Elche match, while expressing his frustration at the length of time it has taken to get a resolution to their appeal:

“Cristiano will play against Elche. It seems incredible that he should receive a three-game suspension for what he did in Bilbao. I’m certain he’ll be playing. He’s on the match list”.

“It doesn’t seem logical to me. We put in the appeal very quickly and it is a bureaucracy problem. There’s nothing we can do but wait. I have the talk at two o’clock and I hope the decision will be made before then.”

But Ancelotti will have to scrap Cristiano Ronaldo once again and manage things without him and even though Real has done well during the suspension Ancelotti is ready to have him back.

Currently Barcelona and Real Madrid are tied at the top of La Liga with 60 points each and Cristiano Ronaldo needs to score some more goals to put “Los Blancos” ahead of their arch rivals and Lionel Messi.

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