Burger King Customer Arrested After Calling 911 Over Wrong Order

A Burger King customer was arrested after calling 911 over a wrong order at the fast food’s branch in Oakland Avenue in White Township, Pennsylvania, local police reports.

Indiana County woman Heather Smith got very upset upon learning that the local Burger King got her order wrong. Instead of taking it with the manager, Smith decided that the matter was a police emergency and dialed 911 to report the incident.

WTAE Pittsburgh reports that while waiting for the state police to arrive after calling 911, 22 year old Smith, who was ordering at the Burger King drive-through lane, went out of her car and “engaged in threatening and yelling behavior.” According to the local police handling the case, her aggressive behavior during the incident caused others to be alarmed.

Smith was arrested and charged by the state police with disorderly conduct after arriving at the Burger King branch. After taking the Burger King customer into police custody, the state police learned that Smith also had pending cases in South Carolina.

Burger King hasn’t released any official statement regarding the White Township incident.

There were no reports about what Smith originally ordered at the Burger King branch and what particular orders the staff got wrong.

Another case of 911 abuse in a fast food restaurant was reported by the Inquisitr in December when an Arizona man and his wife were arrested for calling 911 because the hash browns they ordered from McDonalds were missing. The woman, Nova Smith allegedly threw the bag of food they ordered towards the manager of the McDonalds branch in Mesa, Arizona upon realizing that the branch didn’t give them the hash brown that was supposed to be included in their order. The man, Michael Smith went behind the counter to confront the staff of the fast food chain. Both were charged with assault and disorderly conduct by the local police.

Customer violence at Burger King is not very uncommon. In New Year’s Day in 2005, another Burger King customer from DuBois, Pennsylvania berated and showed obscene gestures to the staff after learning that the Burger King branch had no french fries left. Upon seeing the employees taking down his license plate, 22 year old Greg Luttman put his truck in reverse and almost ran over the fast food employees. He was stopped and arrested by the local police at a highway a short distance from the Burger King branch and was charged with assault, reckless endangerment and other offenses.

Image from Flickr.