Alturas Shooting: 4 Killed, 2 Injured During Tribal Eviction Hearing

An Alturas shooting has left four dead and two injured. California authorities confirmed Sherrie Rhoades, age 44, opened fire inside the Native American tribal office during an eviction hearing. Witnesses said Rhodes started shooting at around 3:30 pm on Thursday. When she ran out of ammunition, she reportedly continued the attack with a butcher knife.

As reported by CNN, one of the victims eventually managed to flee the tribal office to alert authorities. When the Alturas police department arrived on scene, they found Rhoades running away from the building with a bloody knife in her hand.

The suspect was arrested without incident and charged in the tribal office shooting. Authorities said the woman is a former trial leader. Although her motive is unclear, she and her son were in the process of being evicted from the Cedarville Rancheria reservation.

Cedarville Rancheria is a federally recognized Northern Paiute tribe. According to the tribe’s website, the small community consists of approximately 35 members.

Although the tribe is small, they are a tight-knit community, which is dedicated to community service and preservation.

Tribal officials offer members assistance with education, employment, social, and housing, services. A number of the programs are federally funded through the Aid to Tribal Government and Indian Welfare Act.

The tribe also receives aid from the Community Fire Protection and Roads Maintenance Programs.

While they welcome visitors to their land, the natives explain that “it is expected that nothing will be disturbed.” The tribe points out that many artifacts have spiritual significance and should never be disturbed. Although some areas are closed to the public, the tribe welcomes guests who are respectful of their lifestyle and beliefs.

Cedarville Rancheria strongly encourages “green” living, which includes recycling, conservation of resources, and reducing refuse. Working closely with the Environmental Protection Agency, the tribe encourages its members and guests to respect the Earth.

Cedarville Rancheria includes 26 acres along the border of Northern California and Oregon. The building where the Alturas shooting occurred serves as the tribe’s central office as well as community center.

Fox News report two victims were transported to a local hospital for treatment. One of the victims was shot and the other was stabbed. Their current condition is unknown.

Authorities discovered four bodies inside the building. Those killed were identified as two women, aged 19 and 45, and two men aged 30 and 50. The victims’ names have not been released at this time.

The Alturas shooting has devastated a community. Few details are available as the tribal office shooting and scene are still under investigation.

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