‘Iron Man 3’ Drew Pearce Discusses His Ideas For The Marvel Universe

Like many people on the planet, Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce is a pretty big fan of Marvel’s cinematic universe.

There are lots of cool ideas taking shape at the studio right now, including adaptations of Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. Although Pearce agrees that these are definitely good avenues for Marvel to pursue, the Iron Man scribe has a few other characters he’d like to see hit the big screen.

Pearce recently told MTV News:

“Drew Goddard’s going to do Daredevil much better than I ever could, but I’m jealous of that. God, Cloak and Dagger, I even like Cloak and Dagger, and I think there’s a brilliant movie to be made with them. I’m sure none of them will come to fruition because nobody really cares what I think, so that’s okay.”

The Iron Man 3 writer also said he’d love to see Marvel do something with Damage Control, a comic book that follows a group of blue collar workers who clean up the messes left behind by superheroes.

“There’s a nice way of looking at how in the increasing Marvel universe where people are more aware inside the movies that they’re living in a world full of superheroes. It’s a microcosm for exploring real people and their reactions to those superpowers,” he explained.

Pearce also took a moment to discuss the Marvel One-Shot All Hail The King, a short film that continued the adventures of Ben Kingsley’s character from Iron Man 3. However, Drew doesn’t want people to think he’s apologizing for the sequel’s Mandarin-oriented twist. Warning: There are Iron Man 3 spoilers head.

“The weird thing is I don’t have any regrets with what we did with Iron Man and I feel no reason to apologize for it. The short kind of let me join some dots that were already there. But it wasn’t the reason we did it. The reason we did it is that we wanted to play with Trevor Slattery some more,” Pearce explained to Voices From Krypton.

He continued, “I would hate for anyone to think I was apologizing for a twist that I’m deeply proud of. I feel like it would have been dishonest to ‘Iron Man 3’ if we’d made Trevor the real Mandarin after all and it was a double bluff. I think where the short leads to is a more exciting place and hopefully not one that betrays the intention of ‘Iron Man 3.'”

Do you agree with Iron Man 3 scribe Drew Pearce’s ideas for the Marvel cinematic universe? Which characters would you like to see get the cinematic treatment?