Khloe Kardashian Defends Kendall Jenner’s Braless Catwalk

Khloe Kardashian is quite a defensive sister. I think we have noticed that over the years, right? Whether it was concerning her sister Kim, her brother Rob or even her parents. It always made for really good reality TV when she went off on people. So her life in social media or on TMZ should be expected to be somewhat controversial or in your face.

Tired of hearing negative remarks about her sister Kendall Jenner’s modeling, Khloe went off on some people!

Let’s be honest, since Kendall has turned 18, she has left little to the imagine when it concerns her body. I get it guys, it’s modeling and it’s to be expected that some sort of skin would need to be shown. But the amount of skin or parts of the body that are being used are clearly just there to start some controversy or get the Jenner/Kardashian name in the news yet again.

Khloe however, does not think that this is fair and decided that she’d tell us all about that on Twitter and other outlets she managed to get a hold of the last couple of days. On Twitter, she said:

Khloe Kardashian tweetIn some ways, you have to agree with big sister Khloe. I mean, is it wrong for the now older Kendall to model somewhat scandalously? No. Plus, this was her debut for Marc Jacobs. That is by no means a rinky-dink operation in the fashion world. So Jenner is playing with the big boys in the fashion world.

So Khloe, I feel, is totally fine with what she said regarding the people who have come out to talk about her sister showing some nipple on the runway.

Kendall could barely be made out on the runway as she could hardly be recognized. She was just another face, and of course it took some people with time to distinguish the Kardashian/Jenner in the mix. She was sporting a wigg, bleached eye brows, and pale make-up.

Of course, as all celebrities end up doing, Kardashian did back petal slightly. She went on Twitter later on to say: “Oops I keep forgetting I’m supposed to be on my “don’t sweat the small stuff” ish…. But I just can’t pass up a good rant #SorryNotSorry.”

By far, this could be the best apology we have ever seen, right?

Wait, judges ruling…

Yes, in fact it is the best.

In all seriousness, it’s always good to see sister support. However, and this is just me spit balling here. If she doesn’t want to have to keep on defending her family, Khloe might want to re-think why she has to do sometimes. Let’s face it though, she has her own problems to think about too.