Ukraine Protests: Could Similar Uprisings Happen In America?

The death toll in the Ukraine continues to rise. The unrest is the worst since the nation gained independence in 1991. Protests started when President Viktor Yanukovych refused to ink a trade deal with the European Union. Rallies on Independence Square quickly turned into a political stalemate and then the horrific violence began. The gathering on the square has now spread outside of the capital city of Kiev and into outlying towns.

President Yanukovych blames the turmoil on the protesters, and Russia is now calling the opposition movement an attempted coup. The Ukraine wants to become more closely linked with Europe and the west, including the United States. The European Union has condemned the violence and is considering sanctions. President Barack Obama is urging protesters to demonstrate peacefully and for officials in the Ukraine to respect such displays by citizens.

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The unrest and banter stemming from the Ukraine protests has renewed Cold War animosity. Russia and America are once again on distinctly opposite sides of world politics. In addition to the Cold War comparisons, many are now beginning to wonder if a scenario like the one evolving in the Ukraine could ever happen here in America. Surely not would be the likely knee-jerk response, but upon further investigation, such civil unrest might not be that far removed from reality.

We now live in a time when some elected officials have stated publicly that the Constitution is an outdated document. The Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to draft a set of protections which would ensure inherent freedoms for future generations. Barely a day goes by when a lawsuit based upon infringement of the First, Second, and Fourth Amendment does not make the news.

Just a few examples of federal government activities which would have our Founding Fathers reaching for their muskets:

  • FEMA purchases of enough mobile homes to fill multiple encampments
  • Mock towns created to train the military and the firing of a record number of accomplished high-ranking armed forces offcials
  • Justice Scalia confirming that internment camps could once again become a reality during times of war, armed agents
  • EPA overreaching policies which continually make difficult for rural residents and farmers continue to spark Agenda 21 debates

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Unfortunately, the list of eyebrow raising programs, policies, and actions by the powers that be in Washington, D.C. could go on for several more paragraphs. Folks who pay more attention to Justin Bieber’s latest arrest and Miley Cyrus’ most recent on-stage erotica than to the personal freedoms, states’ rights, and property rights battles going on right here at home, have no clue exactly how volatile a powder keg we are all perched upon.

Could the Ukraine unrest happen in America? If someone holds a match just a bit closer to the bulging powder keg built upon the growing political and economic divisions in the United States, it sure could.

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