Bree Walker: Former News Anchor Arrested For DUI

Bree Walker was arrested for driving under the influence on Wednesday evening. Anaheim, California, Lieutenant Tim Schmidt said the 61-year-old former news anchor was pulled over for running a red light. She agreed to submit to a field sobriety test when officers noted a strong odor of alcohol.

Authorities said Walker failed the test and was taken into custody. She was then booked into the local jail. Within hours, she was able to post bond and leave the facility.

As reported by TMZ, the former anchor’s pit bull, named Petey, was with her at the time of the arrest. Animal control reportedly took possession of the dog, as nobody was available to pick him up.

Bree Walker is well known as a former anchorwoman for KGTV Channel 10 in San Diego and KCBS-TV Channel 2 in Los Angeles. When she started working in television, she chose to cloak a disability that affected her hands. However, she eventually revealed that she was born with ectrodactyly.

Often referred to “lobster claw hands,” ectrodactyly is a congenital disorder. The condition disrupts development of the hands and feet, which results in physical deformity. Patients with etrodactyly are often missing one or more fingers or toes. However, a majority of patients learn to adapt.

Walker is credited for revealing her disability and bringing attention to the disorder. In addition to her work with as a newscaster, she has worked tirelessly as a disability rights activist.

Although her career as an anchorwoman was rocked by a public affair with sportscaster Jim Lampley, Walker continued to have a successful and active career in television and radio.

Although she appeared in several films, Bree Walker’s role in HBO’s Carnivàle was her most memorable. Historically, people with the condition were often featured in circuses and side-shows as “lobster people.” This was the focus of Walker’s Carnivàle role.

Playing “Sabina The Scorpion Lady,” Walker proudly displayed her deformed hands. Although the role was somewhat shocking, Walker hoped to raise awareness about ectrodactyly.

Despite her disability, Bree Walker has enjoyed a successful career. Unfortunately, she continues to struggle with alcoholism. Radar Online reports that the former news anchor entered a residential rehab facility in 2007.

In 2009, Walker was reportedly observed drinking excessively in a Southern California bar. Although she refused to discuss the allegations, many were concerned for her well-being.

Bree Walker’s DUI arrest was certainly difficult. However, the situation may encourage her to seek further treatment for her addiction.