Idaho Couple Buys Home Infested With Thousands Of Snakes

Here’s a quick note to anyone looking to buy a piece of real estate, if you’re asked to sign a document acknowledging that your home is infested with hundreds, perhaps even thousands of snakes, don’t believe the realtor when they tell you it’s just a myth. That’s what happened to the Sessions family when they purchased their $180,000 dream home just outside of Yellowstone National Park.

Shortly after moving into their home Ben Sessions says he killed up to 42 garter snakes each day, typically waking up before his family to do a “sweep of the house” to look for strays that made their way into the home.

It turns out the families dream house was located directly on an annual meeting ground for the snakes and they had managed to find their way into the home, onto the homes roof and all over the homes grounds, sometimes so many would move at one time that the grass actually looked like it was moving.

Ben quickly became worried when he heard his wife screaming from their laundry room and he found her on a shelf avoiding a snake.

“I was terrified she was going to miscarry.” he said.


One day after his wife gave birth the family fled the home, allowed the house to go into foreclosure and claimed bankruptcy. They only lived in the home for three months. [via]