Nicki Minaj Refers To ‘The Pink Print’ As A ‘Classic Album’

Nicki Minaj is really excited about her upcoming album The Pink Print.

Following the aftermath of the “Lookin A** N****” debacle, it’s easy to forget that the rapper has a brand new record looming on the horizon. Although Minaj is hesitant to say anything specific about her latest collection of songs, fans should anticipate nothing but the absolute best from the former American Idol judge.

In addition to discussing the backlash surrounding her latest single, Nicki Minaj also used her recent chat with DJ Drama to discuss The Pink Print and the story behind “Lookin A** N****.”

“It’s a classic album. That’s all I can think about right now. I’m just working on the album. Nothing else is really gonna take precedence over that,” the rapper said of the upcoming record.

Nicki Minaj also told DJ Drama how her collaboration with producer Detail came about. The rapper was in New York for a few events when she learned that he was interested in working with her on a track.

“That was for the BMI thing. They had given me all these awards, and they honored Cash Money, and we went out to eat, and Detail was out there acting crazy, getting mad drunk. So Safaree went outside and spoke to him like, ‘Yo… Nicki’s about to start working on her album heavy,’ and he [said], ‘Oh word? I’ve been trying to get in the studio with her,'” she explained.

The rapper added, “So they set it up, we came about to L.A….and ‘Lookin A** N****’ was the first thing I did with him. It took a minute because I wanted to perfect every line… and it came out really good.”

Unfortunately, Nicki Minaj’s latest release was completely overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the single’s artwork. The Inquisitr previously reported that the rapper used an unauthorized image of Malcolm X to promote the track, a fact that didn’t settle well with Malcolm X’s estate or some of her fans.

Ilyasah Shabazz, the civil rights activist’s daughter, said the rapper’s use of the photo was not “endorsed” by his family. She added, “Ms. Minaj’s artwork for her single does not depict the truth of Malcolm X’s legacy.”

The rapper eventually apologized for using the image of Malcolm X to promote her release. She wrote, “I apologize to the Malcolm X estate if the meaning of the photo was misconstrued. I have nothing but respect (and) adoration for you.”

Are you looking forward to Nicki Minaj’s new album The Pink Print?