‘Captain Phillips’ Vessel Is Scene Of Two Mysterious Deaths

The Maersk Alabama — the vessel on which the “Captain Phillips” movie takes place — is at the center of a mystery, after two former US Navy SEALS were found dead on board, according to Seychelles police reports on Wednesday.

While docked at Port Victoria in the Indian Ocean the men, both 44-years-olds were found dead on Tuesday and first reports surfaced on Twitter.

Authorities in the Seychelles — part of a 155-island archipelago in the Indian Ocean located to the northeast of Madagascar — said the “Captain Phillips” vessel arrived in port on Sunday and was scheduled to depart on Tuesday.

The deceased were part of a 24-member crew on board and worked for the American company Trident Security Firm USA, police said.

Seychelles officials also said that an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of the Americans’ sudden death and that the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the events is ongoing.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Daniel Tremper said the United States Coast Guard was notified of the deaths of the two US citizens and is also conducting an independent investigation, but due to the nature of the events, “that will be about all that we can provide right now.”

Local police say the bodies were found by a colleague who went to check in on one of the two men in a ship cabin about 4:30 pm Tuesday.

Trient Group says the families have been contacted regarding the death of their loved ones aboard the “Captain Phillips” ship and they have requested their names not be publicly released at this time.

Even though the details surrounding the death of the two men remain unclear, there appears to be no sign of foul play and they did not die while performing their duties, Tom Rothrauff, President of the Trident Group stated.

Captain Richard Phillips and Tom Hanks

The Maersk Alabama, featured in Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks and recent BAFTA winner for Best Supporting actor Barkhad Abdi was made famous when it was seized by Somali pirates in 2009 — as depicted in the film — and its captain became a hero for helping Navy SEALS successfully rescue all crew members.

Captain Richard Phillips’ saga riveted the nation and brought attention to the dangers in which cargo vessels operating in the Horn of Africa have to navigate in on a daily basis.

“I did not foresee a good ending,” Phillips told CBS, “because I saw the determination that the pirates had, and they weren’t going to give me up. I was hoping for a rescue, but I thought the chances were slim-to-none that that would be successful.”