Khloe Kardashian Takes Her Mother Kris Jenner To Court

Last night, Khloe Kardashian took her mother Kris Jenner to court. Well, not real court exactly, but court none the less.

Standing before the Judge Lately (Chelsea Handler), Khloe revealed the issues that she has with her mother, and how it feels to be the odd ball of the family.

Before the hearing began Handler took the opportunity to comment on Khloe’s cleavage bearing ensemble. “Khloe, do you think that’s an appropriate outfit to show up to court in?” Handler asked. “I felt like I could win you over with a little tittie bitties,” Khloe replied.

It was then time for the hearing to begin, and Handler proceeded to read Khloe’s grievances against Jenner. “It says here, Khloé, that you feel that your mother, Kris, spelled with a K, favors the other two sisters [Kim and Kourtney Kardashian] more than she favors you,” Handler read.

You know, I’m still third place. And I’m not trying to get to No. 1. I get Kim. No one can come between her golden goose. But second? I mean, Kourtney’s like watching paint dry. I don’t really get what I have to do to win a little attention here or there.

I would think that Khloe has had enough attention drawn to her lately, with all of her family drama, and her divorce from her now ex-husband Lamar Odom.

“I agree with you. I think Kourtney is like watching paint dry,” Handler said. “I mean, she’s no dynamo.” Khole then explained that she would be okay it Kourtney was in third place, but she doesn’t get why she is.

Handler then dug deeper into the real reason that Khloe feels that her mom hates her. Kris tried to chime in, but was cut off by Khloe before she could get the words out.

All you do is hate on me. You hate on how tall I am, how pale I am, how blond I am. Then Kim dyes her hair blond and all of a sudden it’s like the best thing in the world.

Later on in the hearing, Khloe revealed another one of Jenner’s annoying habits.

“My mom constantly tries to outdo me on social media by posting these ridiculous, hot, steamy, breasty pictures of herself in bikinis, with like glam, and hair, and body chains,” Khloe said”Enough is enough!”

“Body chains?” Jenner laughingly asked. “What are you talking about?” “Have you worn one and tweeted a photo of it?” Handler asked. “No,” Jenner answered. Then, to prove Khloe’s accusation, Handler held up a picture of Jenner that proved Khloe was not lying.

Watch the full segment below:

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