Teen Wolf: ITV Now Has A Controlling Stake In Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is MTV’s longest running,and most successful series ever, but today it was announced that ITV, a commercial public TV network service in the UK, has taken a controlling stake in DiGa Vision. DiGa Vision is an independent producer of reality, and scripted programming that includes shows such as Teen Wolf.

ITV will pay cash upfront for a 51% stake in DiGa Vision. This gives ITV the option to be able to buy the remainder of the company.

ITV is working towards building a stronger international content business. This new acquisition of DiGa Vision is important to their strategy that they’re using to build a growing list of production companies that they have acquired on both sides of the Atlantic.

Within the last 18 months ITV has acquired Gurney Productions which is the company behind Duck Dynasty. High Noon Entertainment, they are the company behind Hatfields & Mcoys. In addition, Thinkfactory Media in the U.S, and also UK companies such as The Garden, and Big Talk, whom are responsible for Shaun of The Dead.

Tony Disanto and Liz Gately are former MTV executives, who launched DiGa Vision in 2011. They were able to create a 12 series slate that has had great ratings. They were able to air 36 episodes of a new series called Girl Get Your Mind Right and the prime time drama called Ke$ha: Crazy Beautiful Life for MTV. Paul Buccieri is the President and CEO of ITV Studios U.S, and he states:

Tony and Liz have an excellent track record in creating original, engaging and compelling reality and scripted programming with an impressive content pipeline which feeds into numerous networks. They’re a true creative force and will be a great addition to the ITV Studios U.S group of companies.

They have developed a brilliant understanding of pop culture and really know what appeals to the key teenage and young adult demographic which is reflected in their online and social media strategy together with a successful brand extension and merchandising arm. We’re really excited to work with DiGa Vision and look forward to helping them grow and reach their full potential.”

Teen Wolf represents everything DiGa vision represents.Teen Wolf being MTV’s most successful show is currently on its fourth season. Last year Teen Wolf had aired 24 episodes on MTV, compared to when they first started, they had only aired 12 episodes in the first season.

Teen Wolf is a supernatural thriller that started off with a young teenage boy named Scott Mcall getting bitten by a werewolf. Yes he does become a Werewolf himself, and that opens the show up to tons of teenage drama, but just with a supernatural twist. Teen Wolf is a great show, and it airs on Monday Nights @ 10.