Pharrell Williams Is Very Happy To Release ‘GIRL’ This March

Pharrell Williams is all set to release a new album in the very near future.

Although Columbia Records announced last year that the award-winning producer was preparing to unleash a new record in 2014, the label didn’t set a proper release date. Fans who’ve been champing at the bit to snag the new album can now circle a date on their calendars.

According to a recent press release, Pharrell Williams is preparing to unleash GIRL upon the masses next month. Unless something horrible happens between now and then, Columbia will drop the record around the world on March 3.

Pharrell said in a statement:

“When Columbia Records presented me with the opportunity to make an album, three things came to mind. One was the sense of overwhelming honor that I felt when I realized that they were interested in partnering with me on the album that I had always dreamt of making. Two, it would have to feel festive and urgent. And three, I instantly knew it would be called ‘GIRL.’ I hope you like it.”

In case you were wondering, the Oscar-nominated Despicable Me 2 song “Happy” should appear on the new album. The song quickly became a hot commodity following its release, selling approximately 2.3 million downloads across the planet.

How did Pharrell Williams find the time to record a full-length record in-between working with Britney Spears, Daft Punk, and singer-songwriter Beck? According to recent internet rumors, the producer is capable of such incredible feats because he’s a blood-sucking vampire.

“I’m willing to go on record as saying that I don’t drink people’s blood. How do I stay so young-looking for a 40-year-old? I wash my face,” he recently told Time Out magazine in response to the very strange rumor.

In addition to discussing his supposed vampirism, the producer took a moment to address the controversy surrounding last year’s collaboration with Robin Thicke. According to Williams, there isn’t anything sexual going on in the music video for “Blurred Lines.”

“There were lots of women who wanted to understand what we meant by those lyrics. But the two lines go: ‘You don’t need no papers, That man is not your maker.’ Boom! Lyrically, you’re done: there’s nothing else to talk about. ‘That man is not your maker’. Plus that treatment was written and shot by a female director, who’s a feminist,” Pharrell explained.

He added, “Is it sexist when you walk around in a museum and a lot of the statues have their boobs out? The women in that video weren’t doing anything sexual: they were only dancing. Just because they had their boobs out, that was ‘sexist’. I didn’t do anything sexually suggestive to any of those women, I wouldn’t allow it.”

Are you looking forward to grabbing Pharrell Williams’ new album GIRL when it arrives on March 3?