Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball Newest Flappy Bird Knockoff

“Wrecking Ball” and Flappy Bird: what do the two things have in common? Well, on the average day, nothing, but thanks to the game developers at Tal Dahabani, we now have a new Flappy Bird knockoff game to either get really annoyed with or really addicted to.

The overwhelming success of Flappy Bird has inspired the creation of many knockoff games over the past few weeks. This newest knockoff is just another in the line of many to come, but I have to say, it’s the most amusing in my opinion. The new knockoff is called Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball and according to Gotta Be Mobile, its one of the top 10 iPhone games available in the Apple store.

In this new Flappy Bird knockoff, users trade in their little pixellated bird for a Miley Cyrus lookalike and instead of avoiding green pipes, users must avoid running into the all famous wrecking balls and sledge hammers seen in Cyrus’ music video “Wrecking Ball”.

While Cyrus’ music video is a tad questionable at times, what with her being naked while swinging on a wrecking ball, this new Flappy Bird knockoff is suitable for all ages. The game works exactly like every other knockoff out there where users must tap their screen to keep Cyrus’ head afloat.If any part of Cyrus touches the ground, a hammer or a wrecking ball, then the user dies and must start off all over.

What I find most difficult about this new knockoff is the fact that you now have to make sure Cyrus’ long tongue doesn’t touch anything either, otherwise it’s game over.

This isn’t the only Wrecking Ball parody that’s made it’s way into the news. An earlier report by The Inquisitr stated that porn star Ron Jeremy decided he wanted to do his own parody of the popular song. The video has over four million views to date and features the porn star riding on a wrecking ball all his own. And no, that wasn’t a dirty pun either. The video is pretty much word for word the same and even the set is the same. To many people’s relief, Jeremy never gets fully nude, instead choosing to wear a pair of nude shorts.

This new Miley Cyrus themed Flappy Bird knockoff must have gotten lucky considering both Google and Apple have announced that they will be stepping up their game and rejecting any and all Flappy Bird knockoff games in the future. Will you be checking out Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball for yourself?