CM Punk: Wrestler Says He's 'Done,' WWE Insist He's Not 'Been Released', Rumored RAW Appearance Imminent

CM Punk's WWE future is still shrouded in confusion, after he insisted that he is done with the company, while they confirmed that they haven't released him from his contract.

Punk hasn't appeared on any WWE programme since he stormed off before a taping of RAW at the end of last month.

However, almost three weeks after this incident, rumors started to circulate late last night that Punk had told people he is "done" with Vince McMahon and the WWE. This then developed into more speculation that Punk had officially been released.

WWE then looked to clarify their position by breaking their three week long silence on the issue. They released a brief statement to that read, "WWE has officially stated that CM Punk has not been released."

Further confusion then exploded after an Examiner report hinted that Punk might return to Monday Night Raw on its March 3rd edition, as it will take place in his home-town of Chicago, Illinois.


An insider apparently confirmed that the sports entertainer is "legitimately tired, burned out, and in need of a protracted rest," but wasn't "totally against" making one appearance at the broadcast to set up his appearance at Wrestlemania.

The source then added, "There's disappointment and frustration, but no ill-will or bad blood. At the end of the day, Phil [Punk's real name is Phillip Brooks] loves professional wrestling and I can't imagine him wanting the WWE's milestone pay-per-view [WrestleMania XXX] to take place without him on the card."

McMahon had allegedly still planned to bring Punk back for the build-up to Wrestlemania 30, where he hoped that he would go up against Triple H. In fact this might still be the plan, and the online gossip and scandal that has spread across the Internet over the last few weeks is all apart of the preamble to the match.

WWE have still yet to make an official update or comment on either of their flagship shows about Punk's status in the company, even though he is regarded as one of their most popular and integral wrestlers.

Previously, Punk has insisted, "When I'm done, I'm done. I'm going to buy a cabin in some remote mountainous area and no one is ever going to see me again, and it's going to be awesome." Punk's contract is set to expire in July, and you can only imagine that he won't be signing a new one.

At the moment though it's safe to say that no-one has a clue about what's really going on between Punk, McMahon and WWE.