Bill Clinton Jabs George W Bush For Lack Of Twitter

Bill Clinton typically has his hands full with one or more high level, international projects with the Clinton Foundation. However, this Monday evening President Clinton took to Twitter to wish a happy President's Day to all of the living US Presidents: Barack Obama, number 44; George W Bush, number 43; George H.W. Bush, number 41; and Jimmy Carter, number 39. In the course of the Tweet, below, Clinton took a playful jab at the latter President Bush by embedding the comment "#HowAreYouNotOnTwitter?"

Clinton himself has only had a Twitter account since last year. He joined the Twitter universe after comedian Stephen Colbert "talked him into it." President Obama has had a Twitter account for a while, and has been praised for his internet savvy, which some argue was a key in his strong support from young voters in his initial Presidential run. Even W Bush's father, George H.W. Bush has a Twitter account, which he opened last December. Clinton's tweet quickly went viral, and was re-Tweeted by Obama and over 6,200 others.

Why doesn't W create a Twitter account? Since he left office, President Bush has tried to remain largely out of the national spotlight. Maybe the ex-President just doesn't like Twitter, as he does have a Facebook account that has over 3 million "Likes."

Taking to Twitter is not all that Clinton has been involved with lately. He has also found time to head home to Arkansas, attend a basketball game of his beloved Arkansas Razorbacks, and receive an honor at the game. Arkansas was celebrating the 20th anniversary of winning the NCAA National Basketball Championship in 1994. During the awards ceremony, the team honored Clinton with a "42" jersey, with his name on the back. Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States, and was also the 42nd Governor of the State of Arkansas. So, it seems an easy choice to bestow 42 as Clinton's honorary jersey number.

While Arkansas brought back many people to honor the 1994 team, no one is more recognizable than Clinton. He was the first, and only, sitting President to attend a Final Four game. That title may be in jeopardy from the current President, Barack Obama, as he is also a legendary basketball fan. Unfortunately for Obama, none of the teams in Illinois have any chance of going far this season in the tournament. So it appears that Bill Clinton's status as the only sitting president to attend a Final Four game will remain intact.

Whether it is being honored in Arkansas, or scrutiny of his Tweets, the American public loves to follow the comings and goings of one of the most charismatic Presidents, Bill Clinton. Especially when he is ribbing George W Bush.