Least Free State in the US is New York, According to Study

Research conducted at George Mason University's Mercatus Center has found New York to be the "least free state in the Union" according to a set of criteria that weighs factors including individual freedoms and obligations to government, like taxes.

The study looked at "discal policy, regulatory policy, economic freedom and personal freedom" to determine average freedom by state, and New York- also known for its oppressive income gap (1% of New York City, for instance, controls a staggering 44% of Gotham's wealth)- came in dead last. Gun laws in New York are strict, there is currently no medical marijuana legality, gay marriage is currently struggling to pass the State's Senate and spending on public services like welfare and infrastructure is "high above" national norms.

Given the sad statistics, it's probably no surprise that migration to other states is at an all-time high. The Mercatus Center, a "libertarian think-tank," offers the following suggestions to bring New York up to speed with other, freer states:

  1. The most liberal state in the country can surely find the political will to legalize same-sex partnerships of some kind.
  2. Cut spending in all the areas mentioned above, privatize (and rate-regulate) transit systems, and cut taxes across the board.
  3. Reduce the burdensome testing, notification, and recordkeeping requirements on homeschoolers.
Freest state in the union according to the study? New Hampshire, whose motto is "Live Free or Die."