Demi Lovato Falls Sick Just Days After Kicking Off ‘Neon Lights’ Tour

Demi Lovato fans have their fingers crossed that there won’t be any show cancellations now that the singer has reportedly fallen ill. Demi’s “Neon Lights” tour officially kicked off in Vancouver, Canada on February ninth, and just this past Friday, Demi tweeted fans saying she woke up sick.

Up until Demi fell sick, her “Neon Lights” tour had been going strong. According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, Demi believes that this tour is nothing short of amazing. Of course, she’s giving most of the credit to Nick Jonas who reportedly has brought her ideas to life.

“I have ideas and he makes them happen and then he also has really amazing ideas and sometimes it’s like before he even says them they are in my head, so it’s pretty amazing how well we work together,” Lovato stated according to The Inquisitr.

Reviews covering Demi’s “Neon Lights” tour have had many positive things to say so far. The Los Angeles Times wrote that the singer gives her supporters something a bit more mature and emotionally substantial than her musical counterparts. Writer Mikael Wood states that “the 21-year-old has distinguished herself from an increasingly crowded pack of former tween idols navigating the transition to adulthood. Compared with Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Lovato puts across a seriousness of purpose.”

With all the positive feedback coming from those who have checked out Demi Lovato’s tour so far, it’s no wonder the singer is upset over falling sick.

I don’t wanna be sick anymore…. I wanna hit the gym or SOMETHING productive!!!!

— demetria lovato (@ddlovato) February 17, 2014

Demi Lovato fans have been more than understanding in response to the singer’s tweets about falling ill. Many fans wished her the best in her recovery, and others even provided suggestions to help feel better such as quiet movie nights to help relax. Check out some of their Tweets yourself:

i hope you do get better bae @ddlovato

— (@MlNAJSUS) February 17, 2014

@ddlovato get better soon

— jazmin (@laurjauregui) February 17, 2014

@ddlovato hope you get better gorgeous d

— (@loucumlinson) February 17, 2014

@ddlovato i love you so much baby i hope you feel better

— m (@jaureguidelrey) February 17, 2014

@ddlovato would you like some chicken noodle soup and some tea?

— Jessica Ramirez (@_Jessica90) February 17, 2014


— (@demetriapleasee) February 17, 2014