San Diego Police Search For A Man Who Broke Into Young Girls’ Rooms

San Diego police are still searching for a man who broke into two apartments and entered the rooms of young girls in a San Marcos neighborhood early Sunday morning. The man allegedly broke into two apartments in the Terra Cotta Apartment complex.

According to CBS 8, the suspect allegedly entered the first apartment at the 500 block of Rush Drive just before 5:15 am. San Diego sheriff’s Detective Karen Stone said that the suspect had found his way into a young girl’s room and was leaning over her bed when she awoke. The seven-year-old girl then woke up and when the suspect noticed, he reportedly ran out of the apartment through a sliding glass door.

The second event happened shortly after the first according to reports such as Fox 5 San Diego. The suspect allegedly went from the first apartment to a second apartment in the same complex. Sheriff’s deputies received a second call around 5:50 am Sunday morning after the suspect allegedly entered the room of an eight-year-old and her sleeping mother.

Stone said that the mother awoke first to find the suspect lying on the floor next to her daughter’s bed. She then reportedly chased after the man before he escaped out of another sliding glass door and, this time, jumped off the second story balcony.

“I was right behind him yelling and screaming get out of here get out of here,” the mother said.

The San Diego police were recently under fire after an investigation lead to officer Christopher Hays being charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment after allegedly coercing a woman he assisted with a roadside vehicle breakdown to perform oral sex on him, and according to The Inquisitr, he was also charged after allegedly giving improper pat-downs to five other women.

Victims weren’t only those out in the community, no. Female detectives in the San Diego sex crime unit also say they were sexually harassed by male San Diego cops. According to The Inquisitr, they are suing the San Diego Police Department.

In the case of the man who broke into two San Diego apartments early Sunday morning, police have described the man as a black male between five feet-seven inches and five feet-nine inches tall. He was described as wearing a beanie, a white t-shirt and dark pants. Witnesses also said he may have had scruffy facial hair.

Police have said that they believe the suspect didn’t touch either girl, and he didn’t steal anything from the homes. “What’s he doing there? He’s not doing anything good. And we want to find out who this is,” Sheriff’s department Spokeswoman Jan Caldwell said.

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