Jackie Chan Confuses Prince William For Prince Harry

Jackie Chan made a royal gaffe when he confused Prince William for his brother Harry at an event on Wednesday.

The Rush Hour actor was being introduced to the Duke of Cambridge at the International Illegal Wildlife Trade summit, which was held at the Natural History Museum.

Chan admitted that he attempted to congratulate William on his recent journey to the South Pole with wounded veterans. However, the Prince kindly corrected him by politely explaining, “No, that was my brother.”

Chan then tried to apologise, and he recalled, “I said, ‘I’m sorry’.” He then tried to provide a reason for his error, stating, “But they look almost same, huh?”

Alongside the two princes, their father, Prince Charles, basketball star, Yao Ming, and soccer icon, David Beckham, Chan has starred in a number of short videos that have been created to try and convince Chinese people to cease illegally trading endangered wildlife.

Chan looked to explain why this eclectic group of people had been brought together to try and urge individuals to stop buying items like rhino horn and ivory, noting, “Beckham, people will listen to him because everyone knows him.”

A video filmed at Wembley Stadium was aired at the summit, and it revealed that all of the world’s rhinos could fit inside the arena. It then insisted that this doesn’t have to be the case, because their numbers are severely dented due to the demand for rhino horn.

Prince William remarks in the message, “Together we can save our wild rhinos. When the buying stops, the killing can to.” Beckham added, “Ask your friends and family never to buy rhino horn.”

Meanwhile, Chan also states in another video that purchasing rhino horn also puts more money in the pockets of dangerous individuals who then buy “guns, bullets, poisoned arrows, chainsaws, axes, and machetes” which are used to “hack off the face of the rhino.”

Prince William used the gathering to outlay a five point plan to help endangered species. “Tonight we are here with a single, shared purpose – to use our collective influence to put a stop to the illegal killing and trafficking of some of our world’s most iconic and endangered species,” he proclaimed.

“Never before has a group like this come together – in these numbers – to stop the illegal trade in wildlife. All of us in this room have a duty to make sure that tomorrow, 13th February, is a date that marks the beginning of the end of this despicable trade,” he said.

Chan also unveiled why he’s become involved in the movement, remarking, “I wanted to be a spokesperson against the animal trade, it’s my duty to tell the Asian world, the people who believe these kind of things – its wrong.”

[Image via s_bukley/Shutterstock]