‘Lego Movie’ Tops The Friday Box Office, ‘RoboCop’ Remake Continues To Struggle

The Lego Movie continued to dominate the box office on Friday, though it could have some competition from a certain 80s remake.

Unfortunately for MGM and Sony Pictures, RoboCop isn’t the reboot that’s giving the acclaimed animated flick a run for its money. The Kevin Hart comedy About Last Night — a remake of the 1986 flick starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore — is the major cinematic threat, proving that the stand-up comedian is a serious box office draw.

According to the estimates posted over at Box Office Mojo, The Lego Movie coaxed another $13 million from moviegoers on Friday. This pushes its worldwide total to approximately $111 million. Considering Warner Bros. only spent $60 million to bring this tale to life, chances are you’re going to see sequels and spin-offs until that well is completely dry.

However, director Steve Pink’s remake of About Last Night could dethrone The Lego Movie from the top spot by the time the weekend wraps up. The movie also pulled in around $13 million on Friday; only $30,000 separated the flick from the number one position. Never underestimate the power of romantic comedies around Valentine’s Day.

Director José Padilha’s RoboCop remake isn’t faring too well with audiences this weekend. Although some reviews claim the reboot has its merits, this wasn’t enough to convince folks to pay good money to see it on the big screen. The movie snagged around $7 million at the box office on Friday, suggesting the remake could end the weekend well below its $100 million budget.

However, MGM and Sony Pictures have foreign markets pushing its worldwide gross into a stronger position. As of this writing, RoboCop has $28 million in the bank overseas. The film’s worldwide total stands at $40.6 million, suggesting that studios could see a return on investment before everything comes to a close.

Valentine’s Day also helped the Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde’s romantic drama Endless Love earn a respectable amount of cash on Friday. The movie jumped ahead of RoboCop with $7.3 million in ticket sales. Not surprisingly, couples looking for something mushy are driving business this weekend.

By the time the weekend is officially over and out, The Lego Movie should have an extremely cozy $100 million in the domestic bank. Not surprisingly, the folks at Warner Bros. can’t wait to get the ball rolling on a sequel. However, nothing official about the follow-up is presently available to the public.

Do you think The Lego Movie will top the box office once again? Could Kevin Hart’s About Last Night ultimately take the throne?