Lauren Silverman: Baby Name Is Simon Eric, Will Simon Cowell Propose With Engagement Ring?

Lauren Silverman’s baby is named Simon Eric after her father and of course the baby daddy. Even though she’s not married to Simon Cowell (yet), it’s being reported that the baby’s last name will be Cowell, not Silverman.

In related reports by The Inquisitr, Lauren Silverman was already separating from her previous husband when she hooked up with Cowell and became pregnant. When news of the affair became public the two decided to split up for a while so things could calm down and eventually Silverman officially divorced her husband.

Shortly later, Simon and Laren were spotted vacationing in the south of France together and they began making plans for their long-term relationship. They’ve apparently been shopping for a bigger apartment for themselves and baby Eric. The only thing that muddies the waters is Lauren’s divorce settlement, which requires her to pay up $50,000 if Simon goes anywhere near her 7-year-old son Adam. Of course, Simon Cowell’s net worth is estimated to be over $400 million and he makes $95 million annually, so he could literally spend $50k a day in fines and “only” pay out $18.25 million.

So now that the baby is born the real question is whether we’ll see Lauren Silverman engaged soon. They’re already written up a prenuptial agreement that keeps Lauren’s hands off of his millions. Lauren Silverman’s engagement ring is also already purchased so now it’s just up to Simon to take a knee.