Justin Bieber’s Mom Says ‘Pray For Him’ Amid Anger Over ‘Hands Off’ Parenting Style

Justin Bieber’s 2014 already makes 2013 look like a walk in the park and we’re still only two months in. But, despite the tide of criticism over her son and her parenting style with father Jeremy, none can be more concerned about the singer than his mom — Pattie Mallette, who raised him solo for many years.

And while the 19-year-old continues to stay relatively low-key in Atlanta, Georgia, ahead of court dates for, alleged assault, an alleged DUI and related charges next month, and awaits a decision from Los Angeles authorities in an egg-assault case he is a suspect in — Mallette is by his side.

Over the past few days, friends and confidants have spoken up or for Pattie, giving a clearer picture of the extent of her concern.

During her guest appearance taping for Monday’s Bethenny, openly Christian Today Show co-host Kathy Lee Gifford revealed her faith-sharing friendship with Mallette, before passing on a message.

“And she [Pattie] says for everybody that it’s so easy to criticize him [Justin],” Gifford said. “If you really care about him, please instead of criticizing please pray for him. There is just power in prayer, there really is.”

Kathy also brought up First Lady Michelle Obama’s recent advice to Mallette to hold Justin close.

“It’s very easy to give that kind of advice…when your kids are under your roof,” she said.

She added, “It’s a completely different world when your kids go off in their world and they’re making their own way and they have their own money. You can’t tell them anything. You just can pray for them and let them know your love is unconditional (sic).”

Over at Access Hollywood, a source close to the Bieber family insisted,

“Pattie is genuinely concerned for Justin” and “doesn’t have her head in the clouds” but talks with him almost every day, which is likely more than [most] moms and a 19-year-old son[s].”

The insider added that, Pattie – who gave at birth just 18, and came from a background that included sexual abuse, a suicide attempt, drugs and drink, before going on to inspire others with her survival story – wishes people would remember she came through a bleak time and believes Justin will too.

Describing Pattie as “an amazing success story which you don’t hear people referring to or talking about,” the source went on to say:

“If they could, they would see what this situation could turn into for this young man who is dealing with some major life issues right now — instead — they would be encouraging the whole family, instead of tearing them down and looking for them all to fall, blame and focus on the negative.”

Then added, “Pattie’s own story is why she has such hope and belief that Justin will come out of anything he deals with, in possibly an even better way than even she did.”

Meanwhile at E! News and a later report, an insider shared some of the anguish Pattie feels over the criticism of her family.

It was revealed she is “finding it hard to be out in public since everyone is judging her” as a bad mother because of Justin’s run-ins with paparazzi, law enforcement and a laundry list of incidents. The latest of which was — allegedly — hotboxing a private jet with marijuana over Super Bowl weekend with his father as one of those accused.

Indeed, People Magazine reports one of the stories sparking the strongest critical reaction from their readers was an article on Jeremy and Pattie’s parenting style.

But, despite, struggling with strangers accusing her of either “endorsing or enabling” Justin’s acting out, or blaming her if she’s not “with her own child in a time like this,” the sources are clear on one thing: Mallette will be by Justin’s side throughout his legal challenges to come.

In one of the strongest statement yet to her critics, E! were assured, Pattie will not “turn on” Justin “for the approval or opinion of the world.”

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