Justin Bieber Mulling Move To Atlanta: Loves Hip Hop Scene, Wants Rap Career?

Justin Bieber moved to Atlanta in 2008, when manager Scooter Braun relocated him and his mother Pattie Mallette to the city to prepare for later record deal-shopping and to be closer to mentor Usher.

And according to new reports, the kid is even thinking about buying a home there because he loves ATL’s hip hop scene and wants to relaunch himself as a rap artist. It’s rumored this is the reason behind the “Bizzle” moniker [Note: Bieber’s Instagram account has since re-registered back to his real name.]

Given Bieber’s equal if not greater affinity for R&B — latest example, his under-appreciated Journals album — we’d advise readers to take rumors about Bizzle’s future in rap with a vat of salt.

But possible property buying in Atlanta? That we can get on board with.

Back in the day the then 13-year-old formed close ties with the Beadles family, musicians he used to record fun raps in downtime with, his ex-vocal coach Jan “Mama Jan” Smith who is a native, and long since called ATL his “second home.”

As we previously reported, Bieber has now returned to his musical Atlanta alma mater to record part of his new album and likely escape the paparazzi-dense goldfish bowl of Los Angeles. Or, more specifically, the tension of his home in Calabasas.

The 19-year-old was accused by his estranged neighbor of egging his house on January 9.

Five days later Los Angeles sheriffs raided Bieber’s $ 6.5 million mansion, leaving with his home security surveillance system, iPhone, live-in pal Xavier’s “Lil Za” Smith in handcuffs for suspected drug possession — later confirmed — and seemingly the Canadian’s peace of mind.

He hasn’t been back since.

Against a backdrop of multiple reports of Justin’s fraught relationship with other residents in the gated, luxe community, TMZ previously reported the singer told his camp he felt “trapped and violated” by the police swoop on his home

That report followed X.17.com’s publication of photos showing moving trucks hauling things away from the singer’s pad to an unknown destination, in the interim between the January 14 raid and his suspected DUI arrest in Miami Beach on January 23.

TMZ later reported Bieber was looking for somewhere with wide open spaces, far away from neighbors and set in lots of land to allow for a possible skate park and ATVs. Citing sources, the site claimed the star was eyeing 20 acre estates in neighboring Hidden Valley which is less built-up.

In a new report today, the site claims Justin is thinking of re-rooting in Atlanta and has asked recent party-pals Diddy, Rick Ross, and new mentor T.I for advice on real estate in the city.

The heartthrob stepped out with the rap veterans and producer Jermaine Dupri at ATL’s top hotspot Vanquish Lounge last week.

Presumably wanting – and likely needing – a breather from the dramas of recent weeks, with Atlanta’s vibrant hip hop community now on tap an indefinite move to the more relaxed South could get the green light.

But be warned Justin, paparazzi follow the money. So find a fortress.