Boston Honors Fallen Loved Ones

In honor of the horrific bombing in Boston last year, the great city of Boston will put on a Boston Marathon Tribute. The Boston Athletic Association has recently announced plans for officially making the tribute happen. This marathon will mark the one year anniversary of the tragic Boston Bombings.

Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh will of course host the tribute of the marathon, and also with the help of Governor Deval Patrick who will be coordinating with the One Fund Boston Program. The tribute will be held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston on April 15, 2014, which does of course mark the day of the bombings, and the race will start at exactly 2:49 pm which is when the bombs started to go off.

The ceremony will be considered an official start to build up to the actual 118th Boston Marathon at the end of the week.

The Bombings were tragic, resulting in the death of three people on Boylon Street and Injuring more than 260 people. The race of course had to stop, but the people who didn’t get to finish last years race get a special pass into this year’s race. The city of Boston wants to have a special moment of silence like they had the day after last year’s bombing.

Speakers will be representing the affected families, and any first responders that were injured at last years race will be in the special event.

Mayor Marty Walsh and Governor Deval Patrick has this to say to the city of Boston:

” On April 15th, we recall the courage, compassion, and commitment of our great city and its people, Through this event, Boston again stands as one: paying tribute to all those affected by last year’s events and once again showing the world that Boston;s spirit of resilience lives on”

Mayor Walsh says.

” As a community, we were put to the ultimate test by the events at last year’s, but we rose to the occasion: turning to each other, rather than against and showing the world what a strong community looks like. Though we all had our lives affected in profoundly different ways, this tribute will show the world again that we stand as one”.

Governor Patrick says

This years marathon is going to have 36,000 thousand runners, due to the new meaning of the race. This just shows how strong the people of Boston are, and how they won’t let anything break the spirit of Boston