Terrell Owens’ Wife of Two Weeks Hospitalized After Alleged Suicide Attempt, Owens Breaks Silence

The drama surrounding Terrell Owens’ two-week marriage seems as if it will definitely surpass the union itself. Just last week, Owens’ wide Rachel Snider made headlines when reports started surfacing about her demanding a divorce after discovering that he only married for her money. Now, the couple is in the news yet again after Snider’s most recent debacle.

According to TMZ, Snider was hospitalized just days after moving back to Texas following the couple’s big split. She shared the news via Twitter, self-diagnosing her emotional state.

Snider, who married Owens on Jan. 23, tweeted that she’s “suffering from a broken heart.” But, that wasn’t all she had to say about her broken heart. She’s actually been quite vocal about her marital problems, as she’s posted a series of tweets in regards to her short-lived marriage with the former NFL star.

However, the publication reports that her condition is much more severe than she revealed. As a matter of fact, the nature of her injuries could have been fatal.

International Business Times reports that Snider was hospitalized due to an alleged suicide attempt. Snider’s condition will reportedly require ongoing medical attention. However, no specific details of her condition have been disclosed.

Although the past couple weeks have been quite grueling for Snider, she did share her sentiments of Owens and vowed not to bash him publicly. She also tweeted her feelings about Owens in spite of their contention.

“I love Terrell always and forever. Hr is a wonderful, athlete, father, friend and brother in Christ. I will nvr regret saying I do,” she tweeted. “I will not bash him on twitter or any other forum. He has children and family. What needs to be said, will be said in court.”

Owens has finally broken his silence about their relationship as well. He immediately refuted Snider’s claims about his money-hungry antics, although T.O.’s financial woes are no secret. The NFL free agent also “wants out of the marriage just as bad as she does.”