Here We Go Again: Angry Fans Boycotting Battlefield 3 Over DLC

You may recall that EA attempted to pull something a bit shifty with the release of Battlefield: Bad Company. Specifically, EA was hoping to suck extra money out of their faithful fanbase by selling weapons. That didn’t go over very well with the fanbase; Sarcastic Gamer started a rather successful boycott that ended up having EA backpedal on their plans. You would think EA learned their lesson, but apparently not.

Fans who pre-order Battlefield 3 will get access to the Back to Karkand expansion pack, which offers up remakes of several popular Battlefield maps, including Strike at Karkand. Those who opt out of pre-ordering Battlefield 3 will have to cough up extra cash if they want access to these maps — but that’s not what the fans are upset about.

What they are upset about is that those who purchase the expansion pack won’t get access to the pre-order and Limited Edition-exclusive guns. In other words, people who choose not to pre-order will be paying the same amount for less content.

It’s hard to fault people for being up in arms about this. It’s one thing for a publisher to offer pre-order incentives, but it’s another thing entirely when that pre-order incentive can potentially upset the balance of multiplayer, giving those who pre-ordered a relatively unfair advantage. Here’s to hoping EA changes their mind.

For more information on the latest boycott, click here.

via Destructoid