‘Breaking Bad’ Gets A Spanish Remake

It’s been four months since the last episode of Breaking Bad aired on September 29 of 2013. Although we’ve had a few months to reflect on the fantastic AMC series, that doesn’t mean fans are ready to forget about their favorite meth show. Breaking Bad created by the brilliant mind of Vince Gilligan has now spawned into a new spin off series called Better Call Saul.

However, if you want to skip the spin off series and watch something that resembles the Twilight Zone of Breaking Bad, you may be able to watch the Latino version called Metastasis. The series is set to premiere on the network Unimas as part of Univision later on in the year, but you can now get a glimpse of what it looks like.

Metastasis, the Breaking Bad remake centers around the character Walter Blanco, his wife Cielo, and his business partner Jose, who you guessed it, gets Walter Blanco in the business of cooking meth. The characters are very much based in the same world as the characters on the original Breaking Bad series, except for the fact that it looks like it was filmed very low budget.

One major character missing from this Breaking Bad show is the city of Albuquerque which acted as a character all on its own. Even though everyone pretty much has the same characteristics as their respective Breaking Bad characters, the new show takes place in Bogota, Columbia. While the location change may be a bummer it might heighten the stakes for Walter White, oh we mean, Walter Blanco.

Diehard fans of Breaking Bad may recognize a few of the scenes which seem to echo pivotal moments in the pilot. The one other big change in the series is that instead of a Winnebago, Jose and Walter cook out of a bus.

Steven Michael Quezda, who portrayed our beloved Steven Gomez in the original series commented on the Latino version. “When you look at all the other shots, they’re really trying to stay true to what Vince Gilligan’s vision is of that show.”

Even creator Vince Gilligan is happy that the remake is happening with such a passion for authenticity. “All the way from their facial expressions, the way they’re shooting it, to the characterizations. I’m just a little disappointed that Gomez didn’t have that much hair on the top of his head.”

So far there’s no word on when the new Breaking Bad series is set to premiere.