Spanish ‘Breaking Bad’ Introduces Walter Blanco [Video]

Sometimes when a television show blows up, other countries want to capitalize on the success of that television show by remaking their own versions. Cue in the Spanish version of Breaking Bad, featuring Walter Blanco. The Spanish remake is said to be a copied version of the original, but it doesn’t seem to have translated as well as the original.

Instead of Breaking Bad, this show is called Metastasis, and features Colombian actor Diego Trujillo as Walter Blanco. Diego sure does have the Walter White look down, as far as the sweater dress shirt combo goes, but everything else seems to be a bit off base.

The voice over sounds incredibly cheesy, and the cinematography of this Breaking Bad remake looks like a child decided to take his daddy’s video camera and shoot in Colombia. In the clip we see an actor who appears to be playing Jesse Pinkman, but he doesn’t look as wiry as Jesse often did. Basically this Jesse looks to be a handsome man in a hoodie, and doesn’t look anywhere close to be selling meth.

Walter Blanco is Walter White

Metastasis obviously refers to the metastasis in cancer throughout the different stages a patient goes through while inflicted. The voice over seemingly gets worse if that’s possible. The voice over continues, “The endearing characters. The gripping storytelling. The fact that everybody has a tipping point.”

While those are valid points, they’re also very rudimentary as Breaking Bad was definitely more than formulaic stepping-stones.

The rest of the cast includes Roberto Urbina as Jose (Jesse), Sandra Reyes (Skylar) as Cielo, and Julian Arango as Henry (Hank).

Sony’s Senior VP said of the production and engaging the Hispanic market:

“Motor homes are not popular in Colombia. audiences will see Walter and Jose cooking up their first several batches of methamphetamine in an old, barely drivable school bus.”

Do you think he would enjoy this Breaking Bad remake?

Check out the clip below: