Ice-T Talks ‘Ice Loves Coco,’ Will It Stick Like SVU?

On Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Ice-T has been a fan favorite for nearly a decade as the comedic foil to crusty Det. John Munch, ex-narcotics and current SVU Det. Odofin Tutuola.

The role was a bit of a surprise to fans, since “Cop Killer” was one of Ice-T’s most prolific tracks, but it worked on several levels, and the show has consistently been a big NBC property. But will Ice-T’s new venture resonate with audiences as well as his former successes have?

Coco describes the new reality show featuring the couple as different:

“There’s definitely a lot of hubby in the background, rolling his eyes and laughing at me,” said Coco of the couple’s new show, “Ice Loves Coco.” “We’re hoping to break the ridiculous trend of reality drama with some comic relief.”

Ice-T also says the show is going to surprise viewers, and that an early sneak preview shocked his boys:

“People already knew we were crazy,” says the Newark-born Ice-T, 53. “I showed the first episode to some of my homeboys from Brooklyn and they were hysterical. This isn’t what people are expecting from us.”

He explains:

“We don’t throw drinks and threaten to kill each other,” says Ice-T. “That’s what they wanted us to do back then. So we said ‘no.’ ”

But Ice-T stresses that the show will go against the negative relationship slant a lot of competing shows push. He says that while viewers might “think there isn’t one happy woman in the world when [they] watch TV now,” Ice Loves Coco will be a departure:

“People are getting fed up with watching train wrecks, all these unknown people acting crazy just to get a fan base,” he says. “We did this show to put some fun back into TV — and show that some famous couples always treat each other with love and respect.”

Will you be tuning in to Ice Loves Coco?