Kim Kardashian Calls Attention To Butt In Tight Pants, Implants Suspected [Photos]

Kim Kardashian has never had a problem showcasing her curvaceous physique. Unlike her fiancé Kanye West, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of his critically acclaimed debut album The College Dropout Monday, Kim does not have any real accomplishments that she can celebrate other than her fame itself.

And presumably, she is aware that a large share of the credit for her fame must go to the fact of her generously endowed physique. In particular, her large posterior has long been the focus of attention for Kim Kardashian. In fact, its prominence is so pronounced that in 2011, she had her buttock x-rayed to quell speculation that she had received surgical implants to make her buttocks larger.

The X-ray proved negative. The Kim Kardashian posterior was proven to be 100 percent Kim Kardashian. But that was three years ago. Speculation that there was something extra conceled in the seat of Kim Kardashian’s pants was renewed today when the reality TV star appeared in public February 10 wearing extremely tight, cream colored slacks that, when photographed, made her butt appear larger than ever.

Exhibit A:

So what’s up here? Is this just an unflattering photo? A fashion faux pas by the most-often sartorially savvy Kim Kardashian? Or is something else going on?

Writing in The International Business Times, Amethyst Tate considers the possibility that Kim Kardashian obtained butt implants to be “plausible.”

“Many women, not only those in urban music videos, seem to be opting for the popular plastic surgery procedure,” wrote Tata. “Additionally, the curvy star has been seen hanging out a lot lately with Blac Chyna, a former stripper who is now married to rapper Tyga. Blac Chyna is known for her surgically enhanced derriere, and other body parts.”

So maybe the bad influence of Kim’s new BFF led her to it?

The celeb-watching site offered another possible explanation for the super-size Kim Kardashian booty, as seen in the Monday paparazzi pics. This one is nothing expensive, or even invasive, such as actual surgery.

“She isn’t picking out the most flattering clothes,” wrote the site of the cream-colored pants photos. “Either that or she is wearing some thick adult diapers under her skin-tight pants.”

Well, there have not been any reports of incontinence issues in the Kardashian household, unless those scenes have been edited out of the current season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so why Kim would be donning Depends is a bit of a mystery.

The Gather site offers what is likely the best explanation for the latest Kim Kardashian exaggerated butt shot, saying, “most likely it is just a very, very unflattering pair of pants.”