Justin Bieber Egging Case: Surveillance Video Allegedly Captured Star In ‘Vicinity’

Justin Bieber’s “smoking gun” surveillance video, is how a new report is describing footage seized from the superstar’s home security system during an egging-related police raid at his Calabasas, California, mansion last month.

The 19-year-old’s neighbor alleges he and his 13-year-old daughter witnessed the Canadian pelting eggs at their home on January 9, allegedly causing $20,000 in damages because of pricey materials used in house features.

Last Thursday Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detectives asked District Attorney’s prosecutors to charge Bieber with felony vandalism, CNN reports..

“I went to the D.A.’s office today with the paperwork, and I want a felony,” lead investigator Lt. David Thompson told TMZ. “Of course I want a felony.”

Thompson’s meeting was the second with D.A. prosecutors. At the first meeting, detectives were told to “tighten up” their case.

Previously, it was reported Bieber was not seen on surveillance video footage near or at his neighbor’s home either before the egging incident, during, or after.

However, TMZ alleges that information came through sources connected to Bieber and is incorrect.

Citing unnamed law enforcement sources, the website claims the surveillance video “shows Bieber in the vicinity of the area where the egging occurred at the time of the attack.”

The site adds the singer is not seen throwing eggs, but is allegedly seen near his estranged neighbor’s house.

Also being reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office, is an amateur video obtained by TMZ purportedly showing the neighbor yelling at an unseen male — allegedly Bieber — while the pair scream obscenities at each other.

Video resolution is too dark to identify the assailant despite a widespread – but perhaps, unprovable – belief that it is Justin.

In addition, the website alleges the 911 call heard in the home video syncs up with the time Bieber is allegedly seen on the surveillance video.

While the above allegations will find advocates arguing both sides, another question is in play.

Namely, will the District Attorney file the case as a felony or a misdemeanor?

Under California vandalism law, damages exceeding $400 raise the offense to a felony, but the D.A. has discretion to go with either a felony, misdemeanor, or case dismissal.

Radar Online cite sources who claim questions are being asked as to whether the massive raid and the sheriff’s department’s continual dialogue with the press demonstrates an “over-zealousness” to nail Bieber, due to past tensions over previous investigations that failed to land.

The site claims eyebrows have also been raised over the accuracy of the damages estimate submitted by the neighbor.

If, in a possible trial, a jury takes the view that the Sheriff’s department — already under a black cloud of corruption — has overplayed Bieber’s case, it could see the charges against the pop star (whether felony or misdemeanor) dismissed outright.

“No decision will be made this week,” L.A. District Attorney spokesman Ricardo Santiago told CNN Thursday, regarding the D.A’s ruling on charges.

It’s reported the D.A.’s decision arrives this week.

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