Justin Bieber Alleged Egg-Throwing, Cops Recommend Felony Charge

Justin Bieber could be adding a new entry of felon to his Wikipedia page if the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department gets its way.

The 19-year-old singer is accused of throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house in Calabasas, California, on January 9 and causing an estimated $20,000 damages, which raised it from a misdemeanor to a felony offense under state law.

Deputies have now sent the case to the District Attorney’s Office and have recommended a felony vandalism charge.

“I went to the D.A.’s office today with the paperwork, and I want a felony,” lead investigator Lt. David Thompson told TMZ. “Of course I want a felony.”

“No decision will be made this week,” Los Angeles County District Attorney spokesman Ricardo Santiago told CNN Thursday.

Although Bieber has not admitted responsibility for the egging, L.A. detectives executed a felony search warrant-authorized police raid on the pop superstar’s home on January 14.

Twelve sheriff’s deputies, nine patrol cars, four helicopters, and a battering ram, swooped Bieber’s pad in a search that began at 8 am and reportedly cost between $15-$25,000.

For this reason alone it’s likely the D.A. will bring a felony charge.

During the raid police seized Bieber’s home security surveillance system the singer’s iPhone away for examination.

Later reports said police did not find evidence that Bieber was at his neighbor’s residence either before the egg-throwing attack, at the time, or after. Prosecutors reportedly told Lt. Thompson to “tighten” up their case.

Bieber’s live-in friend, Xavier “Lil Za” Smith, 20, was arrested during the raid on suspicion of felony drug possession after police found drugs “in plain view” in area in the house used by the rapper as a bedroom. Although originally thought to be cocaine, the substances turned out to be MDMA – a form of Ecstasy – and Oxycodone.

Smith has now been charged with three felonies. Two counts for each drug and a vandalism charge for vandalizing a wall phone in his holding cell at a police station.

While it’s not certain what evidence the police have gathered in the egg-throwing case, TMZ obtained a home video allegedly showing an expletive-filled row between the neighbor and an unseen male.

“This is assault, you b***h, I see you, I f*****g see you! (sic),” the neighbor screamed at the egg assailaint.

“I got another one for you actually,” a male voice — allegedly Bieber’s — fired back.

A 911 call was placed to police around 19:30-19:40 pm to report the egging as an assault.

Legally and PR-wise Bieber is currently in the crosshairs.

A possible felony vandalism charge would bring the “Baby” singer’s charge tally to three.

On January 23, the pop prince was charged with DUI, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired license in Miami Beach during what police called an illegal street drag charge. While breath tests revealed Bieber’s blood alcohol level was negligible, a toxicology report showed marijuana and Xanax were present in the singer’s system at the time of his arrest.

Bieber was driving a rented yellow Lamborghini at the time of the incident, while his fellow arrestee, singer Khalil Sharieff steered a red Ferrari. Sharieff was also charged with DUI.

Justin was released on a $2,500 bond the same day and has pleaded not guilty to all three charges. A March 3 trial date has been set.

Bringing up the rear, the Canadian has also been accused of assault and charged over an alleged assault of a Toronto limo driver in December. Bieber surrendered to Toronto police to be charged, with his lawyers later releasing a statement that he was innocent.

According to TMZ, an alleged dispute over radio volume triggered the alleged assault. Bieber and five associates were traveling in a rented limousine on December 30.

It’s alleged the teen star asked the driver to turn the radio up and that the driver did so, but allegedly not enough for the singer’s liking and an alleged attack unfolded.

A man struck the driver in the back of his head “several times,” Toronto Police said in a press release on the day Bieber was charged — January 29.

The singer is due to appear in a Toronto court on March 10 for the first hearing.

Bieber, his father Jeremy, and some of the 10 passengers traveling with them on a private flight from Toronto, Canada to Teterboro, New Jersey were recently reported to have been “extremely abusive verbally” in an official law enforcement report.

On landing, the plane was searched by Drug Enforcement Administration, two drug-sniffing dogs, and customs officials after claims that the singer and his entourage had smoked so much marijuana pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks. A search revealed traces of pot but no physical evidence. After questioning and a five hour delay, the party were allowed to re-enter the US.

Following a less-than-welcoming round of Super Bowl parties, during which Bieber and his crew were denied entry to at least five clubs and even New York’s Sapphire strip club, the superstar was last seen Wednesday night in Atlanta at a Ciroc party hosted by rap mogul Diddy at the Vanquish Lounge. Other guests in attendance included, Rick Ross, Jermaine Dupri, T.I, Wale and other music names.

Bieber partied shirtless, which gave those interested in such things a chance to see his two latest tattoos — a “cross” and another apt inking that read “Forgive.”

(Photo: via Twitter, Justin Bieber at Atlanta’s Vanquish Lounge party with “Diddy” on February 5)

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