96-Year-Old Woman Confesses To 1946 Murder Of Suspected Nazi

On Marc 1 1946 Atie Ridder-Visser killed a man and lived with her secret from more than 65 years, just recently confessing to the murder of Felix Gulje.

Gulje’s death rocked the Dutch political landscape, Felix was a man with big political aspirations who was also the head of a large construction company was murdered. In a letter to the mayor of Leiden Ridder-Visser confessed to the murder, stating that she believed at the time that Felix was a nazi.

Leiden Mayor Henri Lenferink said of the confession:

“Even now, after 65 years, the murder should be strongly condemned,” while adding, “It is a case of vigilantism, and is unacceptable.”

After that statement Henri asked that reporters leave the elder women alone:

“Mrs. Ridder-Visser is a very old, very frail woman who hears poorly, is disabled, and needs help.”